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  1. Bsa lighting 177 Spring powered air rifle comes with a webly 9 X 30 zoom and a silancer £100 Middlesbrough area pm me for more info
  2. Right lads have some .4 latex band sets here all cut at 20mm good for up to 10mm lead I'm wanting £6 a set as it isn't getting made anymore only have 2 sets so once it's gone its gone cheers
  3. I was out the other day with our ppsg's and we shot 9 squirrels a pigeon and 2 ducks with dankung 2050 and 9.5 steel balls
  4. Just a mate of mine fella and u can have it for the right sling or price aha
  5. It's zebrano and paduka I believe with a micarta swells on both sides
  6. Thanks mate for sale or trade for the right ttf sling aha
  7. Custom mule I had made dm me for price
  8. 1745 are a strong band set when looped makes it hard to aim because if you hold it for any length of time I get hand wobble never shot the other type tho
  9. Do no if this helps mate but I found this template
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