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  1. I don't think anybody makes natties as good as chepo (ssf) does, so after chatting to him for a while he said he would "knock" me one up! His work is outstanding, as any monkey can make a board cut catty, but I think naturals are hard to get right, the maestro never seems to make a bad one!
  2. It's on a 6x2 base mate, it's fixed using a hidden fixing system, pain in the ass at first but it's ok once you get going. I Kept it 80mm off the edges as he wants to fill the void with white pebbles
  3. The concrete pool thing is a swimming pool mate lol, it's work in progress at the mo, the area I decked is a sunken seating area with a BBQ area behind it
  4. Just finished this hardwood deck for my brother-in-law, done it as a sortve wedding present to him and his missus,
  5. Got this catty for sale that I made, it's based on the sps shape, it's got an oak core and walnut scales, finished with 5 coats of gunstock oil, will come with looped 1745's £25 posted
  6. If your just starting out then forget about double theraband, just use single theraband cut at 25mm wide and use 9.5 mm steel ball bearings as ammo or m.8 hexnuts, I never use flats anymore as they last no time at all, I use looped 1745's with m.8 hexnuts for all my hunting, tubes also last about 10 times longer than flats as well, I've got a nice catty for sale that comes with looped tubes if your interested? Cheers
  7. Stick them in microwave for 20 second blasts until dry
  8. easy to fit bands mate, theraband don't last long at all, that's why I only use looped tubes, loads of videos on YouTube showing how to attach bands
  9. Nice mate, you using those dragon droppings as ammo? Lol
  10. I used to use lead, now only ever use hexnuts! Best ammo for catty
  11. Couldn't agree with accip74's comment about finding an open minded mentor!! Also really really make sure you have the amount of time that you can actually commit to having a hawk! It's great watching a falconry display and seeing the bird flying back to glove etc, but it's so much more when you actually have your own bird, you have to be commited 110%,
  12. Let's hope mixy don't get to them before you can mate!
  13. might be mate? Got it off ebay, got some nice 10mm ally today :-)
  14. I've got a brand new one that I don't use, I've asked another lad on here if he's interested in it as he asked me about buying a catty, if he doesn't have it then I'll pm you if you want?
  15. Mines come into season as well as my hobs
  16. I've already got quite a lot of antler mate, I just don't like working with it as it bloody stinks!
  17. ok mate will do, I'm not going to use that glow in the dark powder tho :-/.....
  18. Just found the pictures of it........ And just bought some 10mm sheet ally from ebay!
  19. Can anybody put a pic up of the one that atomlab made?
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