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  1. Have u got any more pics of him bradus? Always liked ur stamp of dogs
  2. Defo worth the money I use the pulsar can't remember what model it is but it's the cheapest one, I see things through that that I can't see in the lamp, it's perfect for getting hedge side of things without spooking them with the light and also handy to see who's about before u slip
  3. And before anyone asks did u switch it on the answer is yes
  4. I am struggling to see aswell with these led lights no so going to get my old blitz back out, anyone had the same problem?
  5. Can't wait to see these lot at 18 months but continuis updates would be good lads
  6. Yer pretty sure they were in a kennel next to the one I had has that seen anything yet?
  7. There alot of this going on round ours at the min, they are Irish travellers that are doing it, sad because it gives all the gypsy's a bad name now
  8. It's the first it of collie I have had in a lurcher, just sick of the bull x one trick ponies, especially this day an age Ive said it now wait for all the bull x pics that kill everything to appear and ruien a good collie thread
  9. What's a hand job dog just out of interest?
  10. Haha we will see this coming season
  11. What's urs mine is a 3/4 grey 1/4 bearded 1/4 boarder but there was a litter slightly younger than mine which was 1/2 grey 1/2 bearded
  12. I've got a Hancock dog to start this season and mine was the same scared of his own shadow but a few trips down the local pub an he soon came out his shell
  13. I need a winning lottery ticket if anyone can help on a serious note though I am amazed by how many lads will help out and club together like this, it's what it should be like and if we all stuck together like this then our sport would live on forever
  14. Yer when I said before running I ment fed in the morning, and I know what ur saying, I won't even take a dog for a walk after food, I have always fed twice until the last few years I now feed just once but i don't know weather to give a bit of biscuit in the morning before lamping that night then feed the flesh when I get back
  15. Just interested to know, if u feed once a day in the winter or twice, do u feed before running or after or both?
  16. Yer that's the other thing now u mention it, he is the only one of mine that double coated the rest are smooth so will get rid of the heat better
  17. Yer maybe, he's not fit but he's not un fit, he goes out for 30 mins in morning free running and then atleast and hour in eve sometimes more, we will see hopefully it's just his fitness and warm weather
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