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  1. We're all Wednesday arnt we
  2. Look what we've become! Don't blame them for not coming back lol
  3. keepdiggin


    Liked him in heartbeat
  4. keepdiggin

    Wtf ??

    Id like to put your name forward to be chief admin with maxhardcore and bill hardy as mods lol
  5. keepdiggin

    Wtf ??

    time for ianb to step down I think.
  6. Really interested to see how your pup turns out, wonder if the dog work cattle and sheep on the farm???
  7. Maybe if uncle Eddie wants the 70/30 split still to protect his cash monkey ☺
  8. That works both ways mate fury gets grief for using his feet and using his jab wheres aj did the same and boxed out his skin. Cant wait for the 3 main men to fight and put this to bed mate tbh lol
  9. Sorry but still cant see AJ beating fury. He got hit a few times by a twenty stone bloke who didnt have much movement. He would be a dream fight for fury ( just my opinion of course) Looking forward to wilder vs fury in February
  10. thank God I've got a boy lol easily pleased he's obsessed with avengers
  11. imo wilder would be way to dangerous for AJ.
  12. Lobstertube.com my mate watched it on
  13. He deserves a rematch surely!
  14. Tony bellow is a proper brown nose c**t
  15. How much to shoot and stuff a negro?
  16. Yes shark....... Them as well
  17. Times like this I'm glad I'm not on face book anymore all the dippy birds protending how much they love boxing lol. And the clowns saying aj's the best of all time
  18. You just need some friends now rusty lol Good set up mate
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