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  1. I don't lamp anymore but went a couple of times on my own and it got a bit boring especially when one of the dogs couldn't catch a cold
  2. Just got back in full time employment pal 3years work so should be fine thanks
  3. Paid my share in tax every lad I know who's self employed will be claiming like I say all my savings went on lockdown.
  4. I was hit quite hard during lockdown won't be back on my feet properly till May I bet
  5. I didn't know if it was the beginning of November or the end of January mate
  6. Anyone know when you can claim it? Not interested in people's opinions
  7. Dead cheap them bags mate in Spain did you get them off the niggers? happy birthday mushroom junior
  8. What's a Perl necklace then?
  9. To be fair you should of been at home cooking the roast
  10. Pineapple what's wrong with you?
  11. keepdiggin


    Google it Ray lol
  12. If he'd had a blast of crack last thing he would be doing is sleeping more then likely weed
  13. I agree did you watch the episode of top gear when they took one throw the Amazon rainforest
  14. If I was you I'd look at the q5 or glc Merc sidney
  15. keepdiggin

    22 yr old.

    Roughest place I've been was when we played millwall away and got of the wrong tube stop and had to walk to the ground f**k me it was a concrete jungle
  16. keepdiggin

    22 yr old.

    She's a Muslim now and all hates white people
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