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  1. Very good looking team of dogs, in great order! Bit of Airedale in one of them?
  2. Winter here is pretty cold and most foxes are to ground in dens, log piles or hollow trees when its cold, wet and heavy frosts. We get snow here in Central Vic on the ranges around us.
  3. Bad luck Aussie Whip, you putting any snake mesh about?? We lay it about the edges of the yard and also around the kennel area and stables
  4. You say you are in the western division, what area mate?
  5. Nice dogs Aussie Whip. Aussie Bulldog in the pen mate??
  6. A good little bitch that worked hard and was also a great little dog around the place. Gave a fair few of her pups to hunting homes and they have all gone on to be adequate workers above and below ground.
  7. They have a fairly impressive boss, would take a bit to get through? Does it get so big to impair their vision? How old would this buff be? How do you rate your Merkel, What calibre?
  8. Couple pics of young Patt a nice type there on the day
  9. I guess its what you are used to, we don't worry about them really. You leave them alone they leave you alone pretty much and as I said I haven't lost a dog to snakes hunting foxes. But they do scare the crap out of you when you run into one!!
  10. Never thought much about spiders so I guess on the east coast or in the tropics it could be an issue in those areas, have had a young dog bitten by a white tail spider that caused her some grief not a deadly spider but caused a bad reaction, snakes on the other hand are a real worry so from about September/October through to April it is (for me anyway) a time for dogs to rest up and do above ground hunting away from creeks and swamps where snakes hang about, chasing frogs and small mammals. The tiger snake is a bad snake as very aggressive and highly venomous, this fella was about 3 or so fe
  11. A few pics from last weekend got a few and had a good weekend hunting, hounds worked well and had some good long runs. A couple of good ones in a den, a tree and a pile of timber
  12. State forests and game reserves you need a hunting permit, private land a hunting permit and a permission to hunt letter from owner or manager of the land
  13. Plenty of good properties just need to do the right thing like all hunting and I find if hunting foxes people especially sheep cockies are good once you prove yourself or have good references, same every where I would think. Apache we have the hunt club here this weekend so will put some pics up next week.
  14. a bit of both plenty of terriers about doing den work and a lot of spotlighting and running dogs as well, fox a not native here and are classed as vermin, we have a lot of problems with them at lambing time. Numbers are very high we have approx. 50,000 Ha of state park and small hobby farmer/greenies adjoining and or near us so we have a big number travelling through. So it is all out control no letting them run. A $10 bounty is in place here so a lot of road runner shooters about as well. We hunt the place with teams through the creeks and swamps and I have JR and a couple of Borde
  15. We keep all our dog in raised kennel here in Australia. Summer to protect them from snakes, mainly Tiger snakes here they are very aggressive and deadly. We mow the grass down for quite a way around the kennels and keep poultry as they tend to get in under any bushes around the kennels and scratch around, snakes don't like a lot of movement. Also in summer it gets to 45 plus Celsius in summer so a raised kennel helps with air flow. Ours are made so we can move them around, so in summer under the trees and in winter out to take advantage of the winter sun. We keep the kennel in the pen full of
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