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  1. sometimes you end up owning a dog that "Just Fits" had 2 in my lifetime, enjoyed every minute of my time with both of them, don't get me wrong some of the other dogs of the past were half decent dogs and probably better at their job but there was something with these two that just made them special. Chin up mate, everything comes to an end but on the plus side who knows what the future holds.
  2. message me and i will give you my address
  3. Anyone passing through the midlands that could possibly pick up some stuff from mine for the raffle please message me.
  4. FFS can not believe what i am reading, top class bloke, PS its paulus. forgot my password.
  5. i see dead people.............Lol
  6. Maybe your just pants at it, Lol. If the fish are not in front of you then you won't catch them. Had two takes on a very large jointed pike lure earlier but lost both. They have very boney mouths and are a twat to get a secure hook in.
  7. No idea, its like lobbing boulders in the sea lol
  8. Yep but a fcuk off 150kg pull of a magnet lol
  9. Had a go at this earlier, brilliant fun, got soaked through but well worth it. Managed to drag out a road sign, bridge number cast iron plaque. A shotgun hammer, necklace and earring and loads of iron ore. Will be defiantly having a few more sessions,
  10. caught earlier today on the jig in the local canal, best guess at the weight.
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