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  1. abarrett

    Netflix recommendation

    Don’t know if it’s on Netflix but tin star is a good watch
  2. abarrett


    I did the opposite I worked in butchers shops for 15 years then left and started pest control butchers shops are 6 days a week long hours and loads of paperwork to keep on top of eho inspections weights and measures trading standards coshh temperature control sheets delivery temperature sheets traceability with everything you touch that’s without the raw- cooked - frozen - selling and handling nightmares then there’s the profits and loss if you don’t sell a cut of meat it only moves down the chain eventually ending frozen or minced or in the pet food bag not that I’m trying to put you off but it’s a nightmare I do a bit part time for mates and turkeys for a farmer at Christmas thats it I’ve worked in and managed shops one bad week can take you 3 weeks to recover from a simple thing like a fridge going down in the summer from over work to snow in the winter keeping people in it all costs just my opinion
  3. Cheap mouth wash gets the stink out of by boots It kills the bacteria that causes the smell Try spraying the coat with mouth wash Might work
  4. abarrett

    Hugh Heffner.

  5. abarrett

    Thought I Would Treat Myself......

    Save your money up Have both your bottom ribs removed Have as many as you want
  6. abarrett

    40+ Free Magazines

    Drop them down your local barbers or any where there's a waiting room
  7. abarrett

    Beat This...

    Challenge Same range one eye closed or both open your choice Standing or lay down Balance a pea on your bell end Bigger target but a bit more of a pressure shot
  8. abarrett

    Quote Of The Week?

    Our old man used to say If brains was gun powder you wouldn't have enough to blow your hat off
  9. abarrett

    F**kin Fly Tippers

    Must be posh up your end That's just a few rolls of turf fell of some ald fellas barrow It ain't fly tipping unless there's at least 2 fridges a dozen old tyres And enough conifer tops to build a grand national fence
  10. abarrett

    Horse Hoff Cuttings

    Would cow hoofs work or rams horn Try the local slaughterhouse Much as you want from there
  11. abarrett

    You Learn Something New Every Day

    I learned today that if a bloke knocks your door and says Do you want your shed re-tard Don't say no because I did and when I went out an hour later he'd taken it
  12. abarrett

    How Long Until Trump Gets.....

    I had a quid on him catching a round before the Election Day I'd have another quid that if he does cop for one the discription of the shooter will be Man wearing a very large brimmed hat a poncho thick moustache smoking a cigar escaped on a donkey
  13. abarrett

    The Bosses Mrs (Help Needed)

    Next time you see her tell her you've been bit on the bell end by a poisonous snake And if the venom isn't sucked out in the next 5 minutes you will die If she says it's been nice knowing you go back to the hand manuals in the tardis and forget her
  14. abarrett

    Funny Joke Thread

    Farted on the bus today 4 people turned round I felt just like I was on the voice
  15. Can anyone else suck their own dick