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  1. Thanks for the advice lads much appreciated I will pm nelson to see if he can sort me out Also those baskets look top class I'm assuming they came with the net On the subject of using purse nets I find as I normally hunt with bucks I spend half the day putting the nets back up as they are constantly being knocked by the ferrets I would only use purse nets on ground burrows with a small number of holes I also like a bit of sport for the dogs so there's a better chance of a chase with the longnet I appreciate we all have our own way of doing things but that's what makes it interesting and whatev
  2. Alright lads I'm looking for a bit advice on trammel nets Are they as good as some people say or is it all hype I normally use long nets and stop nets but am thinking of getting a few of these nets Any advice greatly appreciated and also where to buy them plus what lengths are best Thanks
  3. Try Lucy Coen, Pound down, bob a week
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