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  1. how long will a 37 kg bottle of gas last when used for a gas brooder ?
  2. At what age should you worm pheasant poults and what do you use to do it ?
  3. Im trying to build up some stock on my land and was thinking of making a rearing shed for day olds with a day shelter , my question is , is there anywhere online with plans for one and how many day olds will a fairly standard one hold
  4. they look the job deker, where did you get them and how much?
  5. i was looking for these dvd/videos also could someone help me find them?
  6. was wondering if someone could help me . looking for some recomendations for a book or dvd on trainin springer spaniels?thanks in advance
  7. i really like the beretta es 100, its made by benelli, i think for the price its a lot of gun, the only thing that lets it down imo is barrel lenght. it only comes in 28 inch.
  8. made 2 larsen traps today and i was wonderin should i paint them with cresote or sadolin or not ?thanks in advance .
  9. hey guys, anyone know where you can download fox calls crow calls or magpie calls online?
  10. hey guys thinkin bout buyin a clay trap. what in your opinion is the best make trap on the market?
  11. thanks ill look into it and seeif theres any around here!
  12. hi guys, im just wondering where ye get your wire mesh from im havin trouble sourcing 14 and 16 gauge wire mesh myself, they dont have any in my local hardware that usually has everything!!
  13. hey guys , im new on here. i have a 8 month old lab bitch that i want to trial, shes flying so far.the only problem is when i send her for the dummy she just doddles out to it as easy goin as ya like,when shes picked it she flies back as quick as she can, how can i get her to go for the dummy quicker?
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