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  1. She turned 6 months today. Not sure what height she will make-she’s over 50% whippet and quite petite but I don’t mind.
  2. 1/4 Wheaten. 9 and a half and sadly slowing down through old injuries but been a great, brave dog and mooching companion.
  3. Sorry for loss of your dog. Lots of happy memories I’m sure
  4. She is a lovely looking pup- I really like her markings! All the best with her.
  5. I like this answer. To me there is no rush or pressure, just want to give a dog a home and make it (and us)happy. If it catches some rabbits and I can learn and have fun working it it’s a bonus. Thanks for all replies and advice.
  6. My Saluki Lurcher grew up with two cats, he was great living with them got to nine months old and turned on them both! One ran away from home,the other now lives in the barn! Some Lurchers are happy living in the house with a cat, it’s jusy when they see one run outside it’s the problem Again I guess it’s a case of the younger the pup is the better it would hopefully be with the cat.
  7. If I bring him home will put pics up for sure. Thanks
  8. That’s it, I have a young daughter so a friendly dog who can live peacefully with us in the house is a must. If I put plenty of time into all round obedience and bonding with dog surely running the lamp/working can wait til next season? Or no?
  9. Thank you for that totally get what you’re saying. Pup will be in it’s teenage years and having to get used to another home and way of life. I just hope it’s not a complete reprobate and that’s why they want rid. My saluki was an easy puppy in many ways; calm in house, never chewed, could be left alone for couple hours but he had his moments being a bit ignorant out and about! Will be sure to ask for advice and show pics if I do get him yes.
  10. Hello all, Going to see a pup this week of this breeding so would like to hear from anyone that knows one or has one. Any ideas on temperament and trainability etc? I know every dog is an individual just be interesting to hear. I have only trained a Saluki Lurcher with no collie or bull in it. Pup in question is 7 months old (dog) and has already caught a couple of rabbits apparently. If I do get him first and foremost I want him to be a family companion and not eat the cat But would like to work him, slowly and steadily I am in no rush so will make sure we have a bond and all the
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