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  1. Royalty In Dogland - British Pathé WWW.BRITISHPATHE.COM Bathing belles...
  2. Horse And Hounds - Arabian Only - British Pathé WWW.BRITISHPATHE.COM The Arab...
  3. https://www.britishpathe.com/video/the-greyhound-of-the-east/query/Salukis
  4. Know others from that litter too pal one down from them has just been lined by a mates dog ? I like em small dodger 24 is perfect size for me have you any pics of her ?
  5. Mint question this and I would like to hear others views on today's hounds too ? For my view it's not often I see the old type rough n ready deerhoundy collie mix I think a lot of the new strains probably aren't as tough as many don't line breed like they should ?
  6. It was she would have been bred about 1975 sorry for late reply ?
  7. They will all run off if you can't train a dog Black neck ?
  8. That's a trait the dog I have now has dodger the head on the shoulder when driving lol What lines was she ? Regards speed a lot of saluki litters here you had to pick the flyers in a litter to get the best ones .. It was getting easier as the fastest were getting bred together more and more and one or two had very even strains but very close bred. I've seen plodders in both feathered and smooths and I've seen flyers too and they can run for fun can't they ?
  9. Only difference is a pair of scissors dodger in truth pal ? I cut feathers when I'm running in winter if they are heavy especially tail feathers as it affects their balance when they pick up mud etc imo. I like the feathered for their feet lots of protection and on the hocks but the feathers don't suit the mud in the UK so it's scissor time if needed ?
  10. What pups are doing never bothers me best dog I ever owned was in a corner and wouldn't come near me or the breeder and that's the truth.. Me I go for build as pups in how they stand and for speed I go on head shape .. Build you can see easily just get the breeder to stand them for pics if you can't get to see the litter .. For speed i look at head shape the sharpest faced are usually the fastest from what I've seen. Most importantly too is getting them young I don't like anything older than eight weeks preferably six weeks if I can't breed a litter myself . Sounds a
  11. I must have had a drink when I posted this as it should be titled pure breeds but glad you all got it and good to see the thread going still.. Good on you all ? Some brilliant contributions and I have enjoyed reading through it now ? Now for my tenpence worth for what it's worth ? I see we are on hound origins now lol Imho there is no such thing as a pure bred really ? Most dogs are either down from certain lines of progenitors not just the wolf ? Many have been created by crossing these progenitors together and many much later crossed in recent tim
  12. You will be ready by then pal and they don't kennel well unless it's warm and they get attention daily .. I mean what I say as I think you could do them proud they will mark lamp etc and do what you need if it's not teeth or huge beasts and they will make every day fun in lots of shape and form I will definitely be In touch not many I would gift too but you I would for sure ? And look at it this way it would not hurt to add to what you have already ?
  13. I'm breeding one last litter then I'm done it will be in four years time I'm gifting them all as I always have if there is a little bitch in there it's yours it will suit ya... Just treat it as you have all your hounds and I mean that one million percent if it's no good give it me back ?
  14. He's brother to the sandman dog that's doing well publicly and I know you like the sal X's .. You know the script ? The dog is never on lead when out and runs shushies in the main to quote his owner he has never had better and he's as keen as we was when younger nor had any that could fill a bag faster ?
  15. It's true Tomo fortys regular but he's in your permission area pal his brothers gamekeeper I'm sorry you don't think they can't ? My old bitch could do twenty and be back home in an hour on the land and you know roughly where I live ?
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