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  1. Have run out of likes but I hear you and been there too I've seen fallow bucks break three strands of brand new barbed wire and their single handed dogs will smash them lol Not without a lot of running first .. Glad to know not everyone has not witnessed everything bless ya
  2. That's true for sure and been tested and when and if you get them over how do you carry them .. Can't cut up the best and expect to go back especially after it's been on the news
  3. Best hound I ever owned for feeding me at a time I needed her was a whippet so I hear ya bud one million percent
  4. Oh god it's not in condition from doing
  5. Didn't always have salukis ya plank I kept lurchers for everything till I got too old to run
  6. When you get to 65 will you be out carrying big game I bet you don't last five years that's about the norm.. And thanks for your input
  7. If that's true that's pretty sad on a forum many are reading as truth I hope that's not the case
  8. Behave 40 quid a piece in 74 when that was twice the wage at the pit and didn't retire till 2001 on all local estates I hope you catch as many that are saleable MR DEERHUNTER
  9. How old are you and how many years running beasts Don't tell me with your reply I can guess
  10. I don't know bedlingtons were ancient
  11. Did I say they were I lived off deer for 25 years on estates you will never run on now And no Scottish reds aren't bigger than our fallow as many know but you know better I'm sure
  12. Thanks Blackie a lot like I see local out of Bear etc I suppose you have heard of them.if not no matter it's a type I like but you say no Wheaton in there so how's it bred and again thank you it's good to see lads hounds that's conversating Respect to ya !!
  13. Smart hound Penda and good to see out with mates
  14. Deerhunter the man Lol you ever hunted the midlands lad I've done both and they are by far and our midlands reds make those Scottish look like roe FFS behave
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