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  1. Proper bit of history that Well good to see bud thanks loads little tank as a pup bless you
  2. I won a lot of matches with a nasty hound back in the day he had them beat before they were slipped if their owners had been aware they would have known he was growling them off the kill good post pal and again very very interesting
  3. You missing it Sandymere two.dogs will never control a hare one will that's why the lads here run single with all respect bud I know what you are seeing but it's not coursing it's chasing
  4. One hundred million percent yes No matter how tight the field is or what ground most don't understand this is what makes a dog a real one and it comes with experience as much as breeding imho
  5. A good dog slows the course down one million percent Shadow
  6. Interesting point pal when hare has top of the ground and dog is sinking in does it for me it's what floats your boat at end of the day
  7. Can't argue with that pal but when there up to their knees in slop I might
  8. Have seen bucks run to the hound more than a few times sidekicking we used to call them Rambo hares.. The hounds were gobsmacked you could see it And that's an interesting point pal and one I couldn't argue bless you for taking notice things like this are well special but only to those with eyes to see them Have seen second wind a lot in hounds that's when you know what you have is the real deal Awesome post and even more an awesome point
  9. My argument every time pal a good brown fed on best veg takes some beating imho
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