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  1. You will be ready by then pal and they don't kennel well unless it's warm and they get attention daily .. I mean what I say as I think you could do them proud they will mark lamp etc and do what you need if it's not teeth or huge beasts and they will make every day fun in lots of shape and form I will definitely be In touch not many I would gift too but you I would for sure And look at it this way it would not hurt to add to what you have already
  2. I'm breeding one last litter then I'm done it will be in four years time I'm gifting them all as I always have if there is a little bitch in there it's yours it will suit ya... Just treat it as you have all your hounds and I mean that one million percent if it's no good give it me back
  3. He's brother to the sandman dog that's doing well publicly and I know you like the sal X's .. You know the script The dog is never on lead when out and runs shushies in the main to quote his owner he has never had better and he's as keen as we was when younger nor had any that could fill a bag faster
  4. It's true Tomo fortys regular but he's in your permission area pal his brothers gamekeeper I'm sorry you don't think they can't My old bitch could do twenty and be back home in an hour on the land and you know roughly where I live
  5. No money in mushrooms and a good excuse for being on the land
  6. You know what for an old boy like me I watched and I have learnt a lot this shambles today are eye opening f***ing clueless would be my only statement what a sad lot you are . We should be together in what form suits us but no... Ego will steer this convo and unless you try you will never know all you will have is others opinions . You crack on with what you have and I will too
  7. I do pal cos there is nothing a collie x can do that a saluki or a saluki lurcher will do better with all respect
  8. No I haven't been on site for a while just replying to your shite
  9. Right my mate here's one for ya I do the mushrooms for coin Blewstalks to be precise at six quid a pound now beasts take some holding in the main never mind sheep which they are broken to as well .. They will line cows up coming to investigate what I'm doing while I cut my wares sheep would be the tother end of the field But to be fair they've never rounded sheep up they have never had a need too
  10. Thick collie x your right Get there and stare at it
  11. Name me something a half collie can do that a pure won't except for not committing
  12. Best lamp dog on rabbits I know at present is a pure saluki lad lives up north it can kill other things too it's sire to pup I have on
  13. You have never owned a collie x that killed as many ever nor will you ever
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