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  1. Bull whippets View Advert Bull whippets due 31st March Advertiser youngbuck Date 19/03/21 Price Category Working Dogs and Livestock  
  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Bull whippets due 31st March Pm for more details


  3. Send me pics of the teckel 

  4. Teckel View Advert Young teckel, fully papered. Green dog, been started with rats. Pm for more details. Advertiser youngbuck Date 09/02/20 Price Category Working Hounds  
  5. Best way of getting rid of ringworm? Spreading through the dogs like wild fire!!
  6. Cheapest but most effective terrier locator? Or bite the bullet and buy a bellman and flint?
  7. Does anyone on here know how to remove the cap at the end of the mag tube on a 3 shot to fit an extended tube on to convert it to fac?
  8. I have found brand new traps want altering anyway! Like mine set keen!
  9. Hung some brand new fenn traps outside for weathering and sprayed a few green, head keeper says a load of a shit you don't need to! They will catch straight out of the box, Any thoughts!
  10. After a pointer x lurcher, anyone on here know of any going??
  11. Your video is making me feel rather sick mate
  12. managed 13 birds after an hours sit under a flight line
  13. using gamebore clear pigeon at the moment, 6 32 I think
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