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  1. Very nice animal mate fair play to you mate
  2. She’s a cracker fair play mate what’s in her mate ? See they all keep that strong head mate atb
  3. I don’t know to be fair she’s bull wheaton grey that was what he could make it out to be but didn’t spend loads of time working out
  4. Probably don’t that was what I was told that’s roughly what he thought they was so only quoting what’s been said
  5. Reece line 9/16 bull 1/8 grey 1/8 wheaton off proven stuff grandad was axel mum and dad are insane on everything so she has it in her to be a nice animal but time will tell
  6. yeah she’s scooby do alright na just a pup and the way she is stood
  7. Talented guy fair play do you paint pictures for others or is it just for you mate ? Thanks
  8. Let’s see the pups that are going to be starting next season This is my bitch 6 months Reece and pie line wheaton bull grey
  9. Is what she is bred for doesn’t mean that’s the game I am using her for but I hear you atb
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