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    Fly fishing for wild brownies in the hill lochs and sea trout on the shore during the season and wildfowling over the winter. Beating and picking up on a few local pheasant shoots.

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  1. greenshank1

    Duck feeding

    Thanks Will let you know how I get on.
  2. greenshank1

    Sea trout

    What's the difference between sea trout and dollaghan ?
  3. greenshank1

    Sea trout

    I will need to come over and have a crack at them . Is it sea trout you call "White trout "
  4. greenshank1

    Sea trout

    Wales still has amazing big sea trout fishing. I think Ireland still does as well , but some of the Irish lads will be able to confirm. Scotlands sea trout have declined massively in recent years with the problems of Salmon farms and sea lice. They are great sport though.
  5. greenshank1

    Show Us Ya Gundogs

  6. greenshank1

    beggers in your town

    We don't see it out in the sticks. But last year we were down in York for the races and was genuinely surprised and shocked by the number of homeless and beggars . Many of them were Scots , all of them looked filthy and were looking genuinely homeless. To see all the wealth and privilege at the races and then see folk genuinely down on their luck begging and sleeping in door ways was pretty sad.
  7. greenshank1

    Sporting shooter article

    Great right up and great to see the youngster out helping .
  8. greenshank1

    Duck feeding

    Sorry for daft laddie questions but never heard of feeding bananas at flight ponds. When your feeding bananas onto your flight ponds are you doing anything to them first ? Squashing them or peeling them ? and do you put them on the ground or into the water ?
  9. greenshank1

    Lab x grey

    I would totally agree with this , have seen plenty cracking pointers and some stunning working labs. I think even with a good working strain of lab in a lurcher cross you'd still get too many heavy pups . I would also go for a good working strain rather than a trialling lab. This is my young lab who is just over a year old.
  10. greenshank1

    Alabama rot

    We had a suspect case just before Christmas in one of the woods I manage up here in Argyll , where a bull dog developed serious breathing issues out on the walk and was in a bad way on back to the car. It died shortly after returning home. Well it was all over Facebook , rumour mill in overdrive that it was Alabamha rot , poisoned due to forest operations or by a sicko etc etc. Now our woods are wet and boggy most of the time so was beginning to wonder but no other dogs were effected. I then found out there were two other dogs present , both unaffected and then heard the bull dog had been seen to jump about in cover and then return to the owner and almost immediately go down hill. The owner wouldn't get an autopsy done , but I would put money on the cause was an adder bite rather than any fugal infection . Wet damp days , adders are sluggish and can't move away so tend to coil up and defend themselves . I am not saying Alabamha rot isn't a serious concern but there are other things to consider.
  11. greenshank1

    Show Us Ya Gundogs

    This is my new lab pup Tarn
  12. greenshank1

    Back to the woods.

    Sorry for your loss mate.
  13. greenshank1

    Catherine Elliot Hancock Lurchers

    I can totally understand how valuable a good working dog is to it's owner but can't get my head round someone being into dogs or working dogs for their job , and then being willing to pay that sort of money rather than training their own. Surely every working dog you train you learn more about yourself as a trainer and dogs ??