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  1. Very smart well diciplined dogs great social skills. That is great time and efford put into that pack.
  2. Murphy is bred of barny x the bean docs bitch jamie.
  3. The way it should be is to make the best of what you have never mind whats in everyone elses yard. Credit is due to those who put time and effort in. Many have had a good season fair play lads.
  4. Thats where these two shouldn't be compared
  5. You take out of that what you like. As said its thr dogs running not the owners. Giving dogs a chance can prove to owner before judgement. Wait and see if your interested on whos on it.
  6. How can these two dogs really be compared as Bully likes to stay on fen land thats jacks preference as lucas runs on any land thats johns preference. Lucas is getting on now but he still proves hes got it in him to run 4/4 in dec on black land and in Jan 2/3. His offspring are doing well for those who put the work into them. So how can one say a pup shit if they didnt give it a chance jmo. A new dvd will be out soon of lucas offspring and folk can make their own minds up. Remember its the dogs that are running not the owners. Atb
  7. Throughts are with you on your sad loss RIP.
  8. There is a big difference between hearing and seeing wouldn't you say Mr Powers
  9. Sad to have to let go. Nothing will replace your loss sorry mate. Hope you have new beginnings
  10. Chocolatis lethal to dogs and cats. The cocoa in chocolate contains a chemical called Theobromine this is toxic. Chocolate can poison a dog. It can cause many problems and even lead to cardiac arrest. Dark chocolate carries the highest risk.
  11. Tilly in tiptop condition all dogs looking good. great nite you put on michael
  12. Bring your trainers stevie,we have alot of permission but on the condition we run on and off the land and away Get your Pumas on lads
  13. Lionel and Richie going by your pics they are already dancing on the ceiling lol
  14. The last bitch Tramp lined was Gorgers bitch Badger who produced Panther and Vinnie.
  15. Gorger bred fella of Bingo whiteman dog x gorger old bitch
  16. dime bar[/quote dime bar for a dog wow that was D-for Dog
  17. No your right Troy boy you didnt need 100 people to tell you, you just need one with common sense which is something you dont seem to have. Gorger advised you long ago when it was 4 months.
  18. Gorgers panther had a great season past shes a great bitch really like her.
  19. realy great looking pups there lads good luck with them
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