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  1. Thanks wish could put more photos on but it say photo to big I will try and put on
  2. some photos of me new pup 3 day old very well breed out of pip he is buddy x kim kim is dancer x smoky buddy is foxy x Charlie he is full brother ;to razor and fireman toms balle the mum is candy she is crow x doller crow is jack x snowy doller is Bradford luke x peggy peggy is the sister to barney and benji I think they got a good chance it wont let me put photos on but will try agen
  3. thanks hop thay will long time but its the best way as you no what you get
  4. just put me bitch to pip he is buddy x kim kim out of dadancer x smoky tommy murray dog and full brother to razor my bitch is out of crow x doller crow won forly cup doller is bradfords luke x peggy will be some 1st calss pups
  5. Pup are doing good have been kill rabbits on lamp now r catching will what to stubble time and run will put photo up tommro
  6. Murphys out of barney x bean docertys match bitch spot Mother is out of merlin x eve bitch to a 3/4 saluki greyhound dog
  7. Pm what the dog is like on lamp and picture
  8. Hi I wood like to now how won folly cup in 2005 all best mitch
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