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  1. Yes he moved there from Cheshire some years ago. I thought you meant Louth in Ireland lol
  2. Can't really compare single handed dogs with double handed. Double handed is judged by coursing rules therefore a fast dog that scores points and then fades can still win, whereas in single handed comps a dog has to win by catching prey however long it takes. Two totally different comps.
  3. BOLIO1


    Well it's bed time for me too, so all the believers who've told me they'll pray for me.....I'll write a letter to Santa for you!
  4. BOLIO1


    But it's up to the believer to prove there IS a god. Christians often expect atheists to disprove THEIR god, but never offer a refutation of any of the several thousands of gods the Christians don't believe in. I just believe in one less god than a Christian does! See how much we have in common?
  5. Signed and shared to facebook. Come on folks spread the word.
  6. R.I.P. Steve......Lucas owes a lot to your input sadly missed!!
  7. Fake as feck......comes out with his forearm in fox's jaws and removes it leaving not a scratch? Do any of you fall for this?
  8. Not now Snoop. If Alan told me I've forgotten by now but I think he and Blue came from The London area.
  9. Sky wasn't out of Dancer she was out of Dancers dam Jodie and sired by Blue, who was half brother to Blackarse....Dancers sire. So 3/4 same way bred. Her first litter was by Drax litter brother Razor and her last was by a brindle gd son of Drax through Noonies Beast. My pal Geordie who I gave the bitch to after the Razor litter also bred her to a dog called Moses (or a son of his possibly) and the big blue and white dog they kept only passed away recently after a lifetime of rough knockabout hunting mainly fox and rabbit.
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