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  1. Might just be a sore mine had the same from sunburn after a couple weeks the pink disappeared
  2. I've tried the sand method the sand needs to be slightly damp to hold the shape of the tube but not wet as said. I found it not very good as the sand is cold and the lead sets quickly and u end up with a hollow tube most of the time buy a 10 mm fishing ball lead mould cost me 10 or 15 quid if you want ovals give them a donk with a hammer or just use rebar cut at angles sharp as feck and quite heavy for its size
  3. Yep I've got one just as good as any other out there if you not casted before be carefull go out and buy some wielding gauntlets
  4. Jack pike neoprene gloves with fold back fingers £15 ish you won't need anything else ;-)
  5. 10mm lead shooting out the passenger window kack handed while in drivers seat (note to self if you have to change your shooting style for one shot prob best not taking that shot ;-) )
  6. There different now got some last week there red (light) blue (medium) grey(heavy )
  7. Here's the one I made for outdoor fanatic mine not arrived yet will post pics when it does
  8. Trust me if you have one local go to wilkinsons and buy [BANNED TEXT] hex nuts or m10 hex nuts from the DIY pick an mix bit fill a good size bag for £2 cheap and very good
  9. Outdoor fanatic can you send me the link to this scout catty I wanna look I've never herd of them
  10. I think just when it's ready air gun ant I posted mine the other day ;-)
  11. Outdoor fanatic yours is done and in the post :-) hope you like it
  12. £10 ? Really im getting on that shit ;-) I just payed £15 lol
  13. This catty I found earlyer just needs oil and a final protective spray coat This is the other one This is a small split in the wood I don't think it will get any worse I filled it with epoxy this catty just needs a few finishing touches oil and poly coat
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