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  1. Few pictures of a little walk last night
  2. Yeh that's who it's after I'm really interested in the American civil war especially the confederate side I'm hoping to get to the battle sites one day and I would like to visit Arlington
  3. I enjoyed Nashville my wife and kids didn't so much but I love country music and I really like history and it just had a nice vibe on the Main Street
  4. I did the Disney thing winter before last flew to Tennessee spent a few days in Nashville then drove down through Georgia to Florida spent 10 days there took the kids to Disney they loved it but I also got to drive around and see some other parts some really nice places we plan to go back when the new baby is bigger there's more to Florida than Disney
  5. I wouldn't defend him but he did say stop blaming for everything that happens. You are defending him. You're trying to find something good in a piece of shit terrorist. I don't care what he didn't do. i care what he did and it's nice to think he's dead. I am defending in regards to 9\11 and always will and he was never brought to court and judge and there are claim he died in 2001 and when they say they killed couple years ago and threw his body in the sea they never showed us his face they never brought him to the world. He said it my leader in Taliban , he doesn't use alqaida, they don'
  6. Axum you must be one of the craftiest slyest people on this forum
  7. Really nice dogs mate i like to see a line of dogs come out so similar really makes a yard look good
  8. I dont say so..... 99% of people who have ever been in or around a combat sport do. Anyway f**k all that the lawnmower/sheep scenario is a much fairer contest my moneys on the sheep nature over technology all day long. I can't even remember what you said now and I can't be bothered to go back and find it
  9. Ninjutsu just conjures up the image of a man all in black with them funny camel toe shoe things creeping around on his toes and hiding under water breathing through a reed just made me laugh that's all
  10. Yeh I see some of it gotta give it to him he had a go he done the silly karate training getting his arms smashed up for nothing but he got in and had a go with that Chinese fella
  11. This is what I was trying to say but Neil said it better
  12. And do you trust the people that decide what is "anything wrong"? I don't. The less power they have the better. Spot on mate, see this is how they do it......if you accept this thing then the next thing don't seem so bad and so on and so on That is true that's how we've got all these foreigners here and terrorists blowing us up and the pc brigade running things
  13. He's what ever suits him to try and wind us up
  14. Never had a Muslim smile at me anyway hopefully they all stop talking to us and looking at us and I won't have to see the proxy people anymore
  15. I don't think this bothers me really they already know everything about me anyway so knowing what I have looked at on the Internet for the last year doesn't make much difference
  16. Good pictures mate the hunting you got over there is so much better tha here. I wonder if that's the reason these dogs aren't as popular over here as they are in other countries because of the range of game they can hunt
  17. I missed the thread I'd like to know what finally got him banned if anyone wants to pm me the reason
  18. yeah what would i know. Ive found a lot of people who dont know what to say next just have a pop instead of explaining themselves Not having a pop but to think that groundwork is a rest shows you don't know what your talking about I'm sure you are quite knowledgeable on boxing but you obviously aren't on mma Who said anything about groundwork ? not me.......you are completely missing the point the rules of mma indicate that you are allowed to tie up an opponent and stop them from working you are not allowed to do that within the rules of boxing.......how good somebody is at doing that
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