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  1. RTurlough

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Powerful. Absolutely powerful.
  2. RTurlough


    Watch the bailiffs don't see you lamping fish! They'll think you are up to something.
  3. RTurlough

    patterdales in ireland

    He would want to be putting vaseline on his ears too!
  4. RTurlough

    Throwback... 1919 or 2019

  5. RTurlough

    Dog whining and barking at night

    Aye worked first class on a lurcher howling non-stop when he was on nightshift.
  6. RTurlough

    NZ South Island 2019

    Who needs the Sporting Rifle or the Countryman's Weekly. Best bloody write up I have read in a very long time. You did it all lad, I think you must have ticked about 100 things off your bucket list.
  7. RTurlough

    Dog whining and barking at night

    https://www.primrose.co.uk/-p-765.html?adtype=pla&kwd=&gclid=CjwKCAjw8qjnBRA-EiwAaNvhwBzXJSu0Xpp5ggAjyhCfqUlMf_QDV1lPKbPae0N_ORSkYoPdZYI_5RoC3ZIQAvD_BwE This will stop him from barking in two days. Never used one but a mate swears by it. I was looking at the reviews though and they seem mixed.
  8. RTurlough

    11 months old now

    Stunning lad, great to see the old type.
  9. RTurlough

    Dog whining and barking at night

    Get the Missus to throw in an old t-shirt of yours about an hour before dark that is banging with your smell. Always works great for my pups when I'm away for a day or two. Just watch if you have any other dogs in the pen they don't rip into eachother fighting for it. Your pup will be happy lying on your top and I tell ya what it must think alot of you if he is missing you that much. Sounds like a great wee dog.,
  10. RTurlough


    Hey Black Neck, are you using any strong bleaches on the pen? Even when hosed down it can be hard on the pads. I run a good bit and every time the Missus bleaches the wet room my feet are cracked for about a fortnight. No matter what way the floor is hosed down if I go in, in bare feet they get wrecked.
  11. RTurlough

    they come out of the wood work

    I had a lurcher and hound on leads that a dog came over to us and attacked the young hound. Pissed me right off as my dogs hadn't even batted an eyelid beforehand. Owner came over and pointed at the Lurcher then screamed at me I shouldn't be walking hunting dogs in a public place. At this point I asked my Lurcher to let go over her golden lab's face. The cheek of some people!
  12. RTurlough


    Dogtrace x20 are first class! Honestly I have been using mine for the past year hunting and have a write up on this about them. UK Legit. 20km range and works up to 9 hounds. On ebay for £340.
  13. RTurlough

    France passes hunting law

    We can only dream of having politicans this strong.
  14. RTurlough

    MINSHAW .....

    I will have to read your political articles more often Bosun.
  15. RTurlough

    MINSHAW .....

    go on....explain?