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  1. Hey if that is demodex (demodectic mange) the vet wont treat it with anything other than a rinse i.e. Advocate. The only thing for this pup is Ivomec or Bimectin. Now on that note it is advised not to give it to collies as they have a gene which can cause death if given ivermectin (the active ingredient in Ivomec or Bimectin). That said every sheep farmer I know here in the Sperrins will always ask the vet to give their dogs a jag while he is there dosing sheep. Ivomec or bimectin retails at about £20 for 250ml. It is super strong but works miracles for demodex. I mean it is like 1ml per 50kg and really really easy to apply. A quick jag to the scruff and in half a second boom, done. It doesnt need a prescription and if you go to any agri store they will have it. They usually throw in a free needle which is real easy to fill 0.1 ml which I would consider for your pup. In a 250ml bottle you will have enough to do you the dogs lifespan (joking, the shelf life will probably expire first). Don't be shy of jagging your pup. I have a dog with the exact same condition and Bimectin has worked an absolute dream, honestly. So if your pup has no collie in it try it out and please 0.1 ml or even half that. The tiniest amount.
  2. Lads must work their way through this questionnaire! It is completely structured so that many people will not fully understand how to answer and the most important part that we must highlight is for question 7! Sentencing disparity is shocking here, I mean come on, a £40,000 fine or 5 years in prison for hunting a fox with a dog. If answering that question just copy and paste this into the box: "fully opposed due to sentencing disparity as this is a form of unequal treatment where the reason for such severe punishment is not explained. The sentencing is also biased, incongruous, unfair and disadvantaging in consequence separating the classes".
  3. RTurlough

    Pup killed a pigeon

    I have to add this one last thing as I re-read your first post. It is vital that you change your ground every day. It does not have to be an entire field just a different corner of the field. Don't be casting balls or dummies over ground you trod on even a few days before. Your pup will get bored, become distracted and think "hey, we did this yesterday, I am going to do something else instead of this game". New scent is new stimulus which develops your dog into a true hunting machine. Repetitive action without development is like pissing into the wind.
  4. RTurlough

    Pup killed a pigeon

    About the speed in your last question, watch clips of red setters covering ground for grouse! Your dog is using his best vision.....his nose! All the time! They can process scent cognitively so fast that we can't even begin to imagine how they see their world.
  5. RTurlough

    Pup killed a pigeon

    If he is not quartering it might mean you are not walking into the wind. He will air scent mostly so don't you worry about his nose on the ground all the time, that's mostly just to push through rushes and long grass. Here is a good one, drop him on sit and tie him to a gate. Walk forward 30 ft and over 20 paces drop 5 tennis balls out to the left and right. Walk back to him, untie from the gate, put him on sit and then with your hand kept totally still above his face give a short pip to send him out and begin walking forward. He is 6 months old so don't worry about him quartering. Make sure you do this exercise into the wind. Use your hands as you walk to cast left and right but do not talk to him just pip each time. When he finds the first ball pip pip pip pip real quick, drop to your knees, look down at the grass and open your arms right out like a huge hug. As he runs in keep the whites of your palms facing him and narrow your arms the closer he gets. If he possesses the ball lie down, put your face into the grass bit keep your hands out before your head. He should be all over you like a rash. Keep rubbing him saying "Good boy good boy". Now don't grab him by the scruff or the caller but this itself is his best game. The trust that he can come near you and be all over you. This is vital. Trust! Put your arms over him and hand under his rump and take the ball. Hide the ball in your pocket or a bag high on your body so he knows it's gone. Now you need the key word "DEAD!". Send him out from standing or him sitting, whatever his position is and continue this exact same for the next two balls. I know I said 5 but here is the trick, you pick up two before the game while walking back to him. Before that very first time you cast him out. Your scent will be in the grass bit no ball. He learns not every scent spot has an item so he adapts to hunt on. This point is so important, never inflict pain on him to get him to let go of a ball. Just hold it and look at him. The only word you say is 'Dead' or your own personal key word. If he doesnt let go just play the waiting game. Don't pull it or push the ball. Dogs love tug of war, this is about dominance. The punishment is the game completely stops until he takes his gums off the ball. On quartering also if you pip to sit and he just stops and holds position, honestly this is brilliant. He is remaining focused, holding your gaze and saying to you "im tentative!" If you really need him to sit pip again, if trained he should sit. But honestly I see so many lads badger their dogs and it is the ruination of a good day. You want to reach the point where on a shoot you barely talk to your dog and the whistle only rarely gets a random pip to cover ground which interests you. Also at 6 months, 15mins max! That includes 5 mins of mental burn off, 3 ball flush and finds, 5 mins of play to end. Play is Play!!!!!!!! No training. This is the bonding time. My last 5 mins is spent with little flecks of bacon or ham and I hold it just above my brow. It makes the dog look right into my eyes which in dog psychology is a death sentence. It makes the dog not to be afraid to continuously look at me when quartering, building trust and it is 5 mins of constant attention. Ask any dog to be focused on you entirely for 5 whole mins and see how long it lasts. I got this tip off a great friend who trains agility dogs and it is a complete game changer for working so springers. Can I share this advice? Owning springers will at times put you close to a mental asylum. We pick up energy from our dogs and vice versa except springers are completely mental! So when you go to your pen practice this game! Keep your mouth closed tight, wear old clothes so the dog can jump up to greet you( I believe essential in making a dog brave enough to come near sprinting back to you on a retrieve!). With your lips shut let the dog be himself, no "Hi, don't do That, or get down, or come back". Just you clean the pen and let the dog be himself. Then with your lips tight show him the lead and get onto one knee. Dog on, balls in the bag and lead him out for the game. By being silent he becomes tentative as he needs to watch you so he knows what the next game is. Whispering commands (well within his hearing range), this itself commands attention. I hope this helps, it's made dogs I have worked for life work for me. Ronan
  6. RTurlough

    Pup killed a pigeon

    Come woodcock season you will be wanting every drop of that drive. You have the complete opposite of a sticky spaniel and many people envy that. As long as he doesn't run out beyond the gun you are doing ok. Just don't let him possess it long enough to kill it. A bit of work with the dummy with pigeon wings, 3 retrieves in 5 mins, no more and end the session on play never a retrieve. As for the recall, springers dogs can be deaf when they want to be but sit must mean sit. I found that once the springer is out of the oen you literally have to give the dog 15mins to burn off all that mental energy before training can commence. If you try and begin training the moment the dog is out of the pen just have a stress ball handy for yourself !
  7. Hi Margaret, where is the Kevin Maguire's show being held? Thanks.
  8. I took my wife and 2 year old son to Shane's Castle with three dogs (hound, terrier and lurcher). Can I just give a shout out to the guys in the show rings and say you guys made it a brilliant day! My son got to show his first dog winning 3rd and the judges mentored and encouraged the kids the whole way through. Absolutely first class. The quality of dogs even in the family class was exceptional and the banter round the rings was mighty. Allowing the cars to be pulled up next to the rings made showing and tending to dogs really simple, well thought out. The judges were changed frequently for fairness and I see next year as only getting better. The best game fair I have been to in my near 40 years of countrysports!
  9. RTurlough

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Powerful. Absolutely powerful.
  10. RTurlough


    Watch the bailiffs don't see you lamping fish! They'll think you are up to something.
  11. RTurlough

    patterdales in ireland

    He would want to be putting vaseline on his ears too!
  12. RTurlough

    Throwback... 1919 or 2019

  13. RTurlough

    Dog whining and barking at night

    Aye worked first class on a lurcher howling non-stop when he was on nightshift.
  14. RTurlough

    NZ South Island 2019

    Who needs the Sporting Rifle or the Countryman's Weekly. Best bloody write up I have read in a very long time. You did it all lad, I think you must have ticked about 100 things off your bucket list.
  15. RTurlough

    Dog whining and barking at night

    https://www.primrose.co.uk/-p-765.html?adtype=pla&kwd=&gclid=CjwKCAjw8qjnBRA-EiwAaNvhwBzXJSu0Xpp5ggAjyhCfqUlMf_QDV1lPKbPae0N_ORSkYoPdZYI_5RoC3ZIQAvD_BwE This will stop him from barking in two days. Never used one but a mate swears by it. I was looking at the reviews though and they seem mixed.