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  1. Cheers mate but I'm a haemophiliac I need intravenous injections once a week I do it myself but it was enough to stop my application to emigrate to the states I tried year before last
  2. I like England for the health service but America is the place to be it ain't populated by interfering antis and you can hunt more than a rabbit and dan if you ever want to make the trip you can stay here and I could show you the hunting in England
  3. I joined this a few days ago and I'm not good with computers still getting to grips with it
  4. Might be sloughi dogs they look pretty solid
  5. Ita a coyote looks like a saluki greyhound they do a lot of coyotes in the midwest
  6. Had a minshaw bitch once blue stunning looking but when she was slipped she run like a collie she belonged in the show ring
  7. Nice birds I got some Oxford gingers been experimenting crossing them with aseels the chicks are 3 month old now and are making nice birds
  8. That's good enough give them a week then let them out
  9. Leave them food and water and let them get on with it your only be gone a day or two
  10. Anyone working terriers in the Berkshire that wouldn't mind a tag along area been into lurchers but just got a Lakeland russell and want to learn about terriers
  11. Does any one work lakelands or patterdales around Berkshire I'm sure there are loads but they are hard to find
  12. I got a red bitch sire Lakeland dam Russell looks identical to that dog
  13. Still got this dog mate I'd be interested in him
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