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  1. Lucky for me I haven't got the accent
  2. Iv got a little mustad one, stays in the bag which lives in the car. Also has a hook sharpener
  3. We managed to come out of league 2 last season and have had a strong start this season but doesn't mean f**k all for us.
  4. I'd like to see argyle win league 1 but it won't happen, I'm thinking it'll be Peterborough. Championship I'd like to see Boro go up but think it'll be reading or Watford. Premier I've got my fingers crossed for Leeds
  5. Know I've missed it this year; any advise on where to get em? Sick of eels smashing up the foldable net
  6. Nice one GM, looks cracking
  7. That's the sort of area I've seen them but no further north towards Bristol if that makes sense and I've done alot around parts of it
  8. Ain't seen em their but not too far
  9. I've seen them a few times now in the same place, well area
  10. I've seen them further south than that, a small area in Somerset has them
  11. I've seen them at cullompton and in parts of Dorset
  12. I'm a troll? Don't see me in court for acting a c**t do ya
  13. No as I said my dad best mate that died just before my birth .... Your the one who modelled his name on a nonce and then imports a wife, how old is she
  14. I'm not trolling at all, you keep jumping on every thread talking shite!
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