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  1. Practical experience suggests a fox will only tolerate 'family' members and usually females. Dogs are sent packing or wander to find their own territories. if you have four on a trail cam, they are less than 12 months old or they are all female maybe 2 /3 generations I would think.
  2. It looks like a tool for scribing radius's around a central hole ? Pop the spiked end in a central hole and choose the radius to rotate 360 degrees to scribe a circle ? Leather or metalwork?
  3. I think you should read my earlier post - I simply do not care. However, Thank you for the permission to think what I want to think - good of you. It would be interesting to find out which of our views is in the majority - oh we have just had that done - wasnt it called an election ?
  4. Innocent or insufficient evidence of incitement ? the latter methinks. Nobody surely can call him an 'enlightened' president ?
  5. He's escaped impeachment - can we now forget him?
  6. My wife still has some of her mums clothes, she died 15 years ago. I have somethings of my parents things who died ten years ago but my niece had to clear out their house - I couldn't do it. You are who you are - nothings right and nothing is wrong. You knew her best and quietly her approach will be making sure you carry on. Best of luck whatever you do will be right for you.
  7. I am an estimated 70% immune after 2 weeks - second jab in 8 weeks. I am still a threat to you, as vaccine does not confirm you do not pass on the disease, merely suffer less seriously (if at all) from it. You should feel bad because you have no conscience about infecting others. Even if I can still pass covid on - my risk of infecting others (by having covid seriously) is reduced, so resources which might help others are freed to help them, rather than be tied up sorting me out. Besides, caring about others is intrinsically right.
  8. If its at all of interest, here in South Wales I have been offered and had the jab today - if I dont return then there may be a point to an otherwise stupid thread get Jabbed and have a social conscience.
  9. I have no idea why people dont like immunisation. Its not mind control, its not a means to reduce the population of pension age people - its simply to ensure we are safe from Covid. Those that dont have the jab will maybe catch the disease and maybe suffer severe symptoms, if not with this pandemic then maybe the next because they will keep coming - its in the nature of viruses to mutate a with the winter flu jab. One of my children works in Oxford on viruses and I will certainly be having that jab when it becomes available, based on family recommendation. Those who suggest jabs are a pro
  10. Whales were hunted almost to extinction for their oil (ambergris) for perfume, blubber for oils for heating lighting etc.and, in Japan their meat- fed to dogs and eaten by humans. In recognition that the individual species (almost all of them - blue, southern wright, hump back etc) might be hunted to extinction, an international whale hunting ban treaty was agreed. Japan hunts whales under a clause which allows hunting for scientific research - obviously not very many. The Japs target the minke species - not the biggest but the most prolific (at the moment). Given the international nature
  11. Maybe his 'condition' causes him to crave 'acceptance' but its a shame that liars and inhumane people (in fact anyone from the BBC) are offered any or even the ''Could Be Egregious' award. When we leave Europe maybe (please) someone will tag him as an undesirable alien - because of his CBE. Happy New Year to all.
  12. Wales is distinctly different and (to my mind) better than very many parts of the UK. I am not concerned about anything that happened in the period 1100 - 1400ad. Its easy to understand the Welsh indifference to the English. The Saxons stole England from the native 'Celts' before 800 AD, the Danes (Vikings) tried to steal it from the English after that and the Normans stuck their oar in in 1100 (ish). I admire the Welsh for retaining their culture - other than in rural England our culture doesnt exist - the Welsh are better at that certainly. Croeso I Cymru
  13. I agree austerity has little to do with it - police resources used correctly should control the problem. Interesting to see from the article the cases looked like .22 I could be wrong but looks rather like a bored out weapon. Still the weapon was illegal and one wonders if its racially related i.e. shootings within a racial group. Bring back capitol not capital punishment - London is like the wild west.
  14. Mine was a mini van cost £75. I resprayed it purple and put plastic flowers where the rust was - lasted 5 years. Had to punch holes in the floor to let the water out and once when crossing the Pennines in winter the wiper failed in thick snow - had to remove it and use it by hand - that was cold. I ran it in to the back of a Jag and it fell to bits jag untouched next car was a 1300 beetle.
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