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  1. I have no idea why people dont like immunisation. Its not mind control, its not a means to reduce the population of pension age people - its simply to ensure we are safe from Covid. Those that dont have the jab will maybe catch the disease and maybe suffer severe symptoms, if not with this pandemic then maybe the next because they will keep coming - its in the nature of viruses to mutate a with the winter flu jab. One of my children works in Oxford on viruses and I will certainly be having that jab when it becomes available, based on family recommendation. Those who suggest jabs are a pro
  2. Whales were hunted almost to extinction for their oil (ambergris) for perfume, blubber for oils for heating lighting etc.and, in Japan their meat- fed to dogs and eaten by humans. In recognition that the individual species (almost all of them - blue, southern wright, hump back etc) might be hunted to extinction, an international whale hunting ban treaty was agreed. Japan hunts whales under a clause which allows hunting for scientific research - obviously not very many. The Japs target the minke species - not the biggest but the most prolific (at the moment). Given the international nature
  3. Maybe his 'condition' causes him to crave 'acceptance' but its a shame that liars and inhumane people (in fact anyone from the BBC) are offered any or even the ''Could Be Egregious' award. When we leave Europe maybe (please) someone will tag him as an undesirable alien - because of his CBE. Happy New Year to all.
  4. Wales is distinctly different and (to my mind) better than very many parts of the UK. I am not concerned about anything that happened in the period 1100 - 1400ad. Its easy to understand the Welsh indifference to the English. The Saxons stole England from the native 'Celts' before 800 AD, the Danes (Vikings) tried to steal it from the English after that and the Normans stuck their oar in in 1100 (ish). I admire the Welsh for retaining their culture - other than in rural England our culture doesnt exist - the Welsh are better at that certainly. Croeso I Cymru
  5. I agree austerity has little to do with it - police resources used correctly should control the problem. Interesting to see from the article the cases looked like .22 I could be wrong but looks rather like a bored out weapon. Still the weapon was illegal and one wonders if its racially related i.e. shootings within a racial group. Bring back capitol not capital punishment - London is like the wild west.
  6. Mine was a mini van cost £75. I resprayed it purple and put plastic flowers where the rust was - lasted 5 years. Had to punch holes in the floor to let the water out and once when crossing the Pennines in winter the wiper failed in thick snow - had to remove it and use it by hand - that was cold. I ran it in to the back of a Jag and it fell to bits jag untouched next car was a 1300 beetle.
  7. The catholic church has a long history of illegal manipulative behaviour, from the early 900 ad and charging to see 'holy' relics, to concealing paedophiles today. Its not just controlling the people but lining pockets of the church and adding status to those in powerful positions to allow them further abuses. Relgeon has helped no-one who could not otherwise have helped themselves.
  8. It wasnt PC to expose these people and they seem to have flourished as a result. Vigilantism isnt the answer but the threat of it may be. What I feel is needed is for Police to feel they are supported when this type of crime occurs and for the victims to be taught about it early in life - I dont care if its 'racial sterotyping'' those responsible have proved that already. As for punishment - chemical castration and deportation. I believe it is well past the time we can accept this 'benefit of multiculturalism'. I would also ban the Burka and any religeous dress in public. If you cant spe
  9. Ch1 knn - my favourite liverpool word if pronounced as they speak it. Known only to those in the know. OR Mo5e5 Houses in Liverpool were hard to come by so a basket in the river was home to some. Or Mepas - Merseyside Environmental Pollution Alleviation Scheme - involved moving Scousers out Or MRSY TROUT - a dwindling species due to the above.
  10. I would prefer it if he was hung, drawn and quartered as a lesson to all apologists everywhere. However the man is really just a bad, outdated and outmoded joke. He is still in love with his daft shadow HS - why else would you risk the embarassment ?
  11. Returning to the serious question asked in the original post. Yes, I believe he is - its more than anti-establishment - he thinks they are freedom fighters which means he's not only despicable but stupid as well. If he EVER gets to power I shall leave as the country will have become irredeemably remedial, insensitive and more benefit oriented than concerned about honour - tradition etc etc .
  12. Latest information available. Back to 2005 so its OK to talk about it now? One woman, 38-year-old Fehreen Rafiq from Huddersfield, is charged with two counts of facilitating the commission of a child sex offence. © Getty A police officer stands outside a police stationThe 31 accused will appear at Kirklees magistrates court on 5-6 September 2018. They are: Banaras Hussain, 37, of Shipley, charged with one count of rape of a female over 16. Banaris Hussain, 35, of Huddersfield, charged with one count of rape of a girl aged 13-15. Mohammed Suhail Arif, 30, of
  13. The only thing you can do to help partridges is predator control and close the pen, letting a few birds out on occasion. The released birds stay close to the penned birds so put feed down close to the pen or cover. A flat field with a slight dip in it is where they will Jug (sleep) as a covey. This means they can see predators coming and they are always on guard. They always roost on the ground so predator control is essential. WRT pheasants, much has been learned over the years - I dont know your ground but woodland and pastureland mixed is key to retention as well as food and WATER in
  14. The police knew the dogmen (reg no)- they were petty criminals in a local town - we worked together to remove them - quite successfully. Roost shooting just means you get there in daylight knowing the route in and route out and which pen they go to. One guy was a full moon type and walked a set route. You can always get them in the end if the land isnt too huge = the shoot was 1000 acres. Having a reliable contact in the police makes it easier., usually they come and see for themselves. They can call the ARU and nobody messes with them, poacher or legit. The little red dot is quite
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