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  1. Me neither, first time I've heard of it tbh , how did it go?
  2. 8 deboned leg and thigh smoked shawarma had it with pitas/salad/slaw...
  3. It's a oldie but a goldie
  4. I could be wrong but after seeing him on the news this was the first thing that popped into my head, something just didn't feel right as you say it's a scenario that often occurs.
  5. A lad I worked with asked to borrow another lads phone as his wasn't working,it turned out that he had had a falling out with with his Mrs and she wouldn't answer his calls from his number, he gave the lad his phone back and said he had to nip out,he went and threw himself in front of a high speed train. It's the old cliche but he appeared to be one of the most happy go lucky types you could ever meet.
  6. I think depression is something that you can only really understand if you have experienced it , ive had black dog days like anyone but I've never really been depressed ,I have lost a couple of friends to suicide though so anything that helps can only be a good thing, its important to talk lads ,I'd have done anything to help my lost friends if I only knew they were suffering.
  7. Andrew Tate: Influencer's appeal against detention rejected by Romanian judges WWW.BBC.CO.UK The controversial influencer has been held by authorities alongside his brother since...
  8. Anyone know the water? Rutland?
  9. It was heavy on the lamb.. half a leg
  10. Yeah its in need of of renovation and bringing upto speed with the modern world but it's all there, just it's a bit more than a lick of paint needed, suppose it's what you want from the place at the end of the day,personally I'd want some creature comforts,im not a troglodyte lol
  11. I reckon you would need a combination of solar and wind along with a generator and some form of electrical storage but it's all doable...your probably looking at another 200k+ to get the place comfortable depending on what and who you know but it's still cheap at that .
  12. Nice place if you work from home or have the poke to see you through, good price
  13. You should work for CNN your wasted here
  14. Cultural appropriation
  15. CNN still trying to get the race grift on
  16. I see the feds have taken down hesgoal
  17. Makes my breakfast feel inadequate
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