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  1. Yeah my work mate says the same , grimm Xmas that
  2. Same happened with Muskham pits after a couple of really good fish came out, the funny thing is the trent floods it so they could be long gone anyway lol
  3. Joking aside and back to wolfies point he's right ,what chance do kids have around these crackpots.
  4. What pisses me off is the syndicates, 600 quid a year to fish a local reservoir that used to be for nowt as a kid all because of a carp named Dave or something.
  5. I'll pass but credit to you mush.
  6. See if he gets Epsteind.
  7. You couldn't make this up lol ,Hartlepool council think the monkey statue should have a plaque explaining the story behind the monkey so black people don't get offended. Wtf lol... Hartlepool council you clearly are the racists! Hartlepool's monkey statue to be given 'explanatory sign' to avoid offending visitors NEWS.SKY.COM Following the Black Lives Matter protests and scrutiny over statues, the council wants to...
  8. kanny


    Cheetah tikka masala!
  9. Albeit a cheese eating surrender slap ,but still....
  10. I once found plans for a perpetual motion machine online.
  11. Boris can't even buy a pair of curtains without it making front page news yet they can keep this under wraps, im surprised Cummings didn't mention it lol
  12. Quite a lot going off in the end sections to allow for the picture frame border
  13. kanny

    BBQ Smoker

    Done! ...on pre order end of June
  14. Size of them blades ,Hyde Park is the new Rwanda
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