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    Shooting,Hunting, Woman, Man Utd, Booze,Pool, !!!!!!
    But not Always in that Order.
    Daystate Panther in .22 cal
    And Kalibrgun Cricket Compact in .22 Cal.
  1. Daz 7

    Who Hunts With A Springer?

    Glad to be Back Simon, Regulated as standard and is truely lovely to shoot. sold all My guns except a Kalibr cricket has it was in bits due to all the washers being replaced and setting reg pressure correctly, if it hadn`t have been in bits at the time i would have sold that as well. So had 2 year break from shooting and forums till i felt the urge to shoot, slowly shooting more than once a week but not feeling as keen to shoot like i use to yet. ATVB Master Springer shooter
  2. Daz 7

    Who Hunts With A Springer?

    Simon my dear Pal, Sorry to hear of your PCP Woes, Haven`t done any shooting in over 2 years. Had some lovely guns in the past i.e Theoben Rapid Mk 2, Rapid TTR, hw100, Daystate Airwolf. Kalibr Cricket And most of the classy springers HW, Airarms. Just getting back into shooting after My sabatical Found the best PCP for Me which shocked Me, Never was a big fan of Daystate but picked up a mint Panther in .22 cal and it has blown me away. out of all the pcps i`ve had this for Me is the most consistant and comfortable rifle i`ve had, And that electronic trigger is a dream. Must admit the previous Airwolf was a Dog though bloody inaccurate with mags fitted only shot it single shot, this Panther though no such problems and the Reg is spot on giving superb 11.4 ft/lbs consistant shots. atvb Daz 7 the prodical shooter.
  3. Daz 7


    My Old MK 2 was a Full left Hooker.
  4. Daz 7

    Hull Cartridge Needs Kick

    I second that Toby keep the Rapid Got rid of My HW100 KT .22 due to accuracy problems and got a Kalibr Cricket compact instead, Good move on My part Got a Lovely Custom tuned Rapid TTR 1 in .25 flavour and a superb Hide, Buildings, and vehicle shooting Cricket carbine.
  5. Daz 7

    Back Out

    Cracking Bag their Bud, Don't get that many around Here.
  6. Longer Barrels work better for FAC 19 - 23 inch is perfect for accuracy and stability at higher ft/lbs. But does aid stability in My TTR 1, 19 inch barrelled sub 12 ft/lbs .25 cal which is super accurate with JSB Kings 25.4 gr.
  7. Told You Skot .177 with the Flat Trajectory was to easy and not as challenging as .22 but for total smack down gotta love My TTR 1 .25 cal
  8. Daz 7

    An Hour Out With The Rapid 7

    Nice MK 1 bud and good Bag as well.
  9. Nowt wrong with the Southern Jessie's except for their Liking of Gaystates and Target Tarting in Pink Gloves, Also drinking strange drinks called Lager Tops but the Rest of Us know as Shandys. Never knew Brighton was the Puffs Capital, Shall keep away from Wurz's Domain i thinks
  10. Daz 7

    A Few More

    Well Done Baby Bear Was the As410 as good as SMK Skots HWSMK 100
  11. Daz 7

    Permission Camping

    Good shooting SMK Skot i Just been on the Ale all weekend feel rough now.
  12. Daz 7

    Drowned Rat!

    Love the New Title Skot Suits You Bud
  13. Daz 7

    Little Hunters First Rabbit

    Well done "Gramps" and Little Hunter It was My Grandad Who also taught Me to shoot But i didn't learn on a SMK Skot Special
  14. Daz 7

    Another One..

    At least We know it wasn't You Skot as You'd have Missed with them SMK's
  15. Daz 7

    Last Night

    Good Bag their bud.