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  1. FOR SALE: Brand new Sonic 45 Moderator Proofed for .243 Brand new unused in box with C Spanners & anti seize grease syringe Standard & varmint barrel collars & thread protector 5/8 x 18 thread £220 inc RFD transfer or £200 collected from Steve Smiths Shooting Ground nr Newcastle
  2. Twink MKII £45 delivered mate, makes my Ruger 10/22 sound like an air rifle :-) Darryl
  3. can sort you one out mate £150 delivered Darryl
  4. Good lad..... I take it theres still not as many kicking about round there then mate, they were VERY lamp shy when me n Gary go but not been for a while Hope he gets many more! Darryl
  5. Looking for straight forward YES or NO answers please..... Who would be interested in seeing/attending HFT meets/comps in the North East?? We possibly have provision in making this happen just need to get an idea of numbers to see if its going to be viable cheers Darryl
  6. decided to do it as had people asking how I blue my refurbed rifles, could be my new product from now on Darryl
  7. It locks off the adjustments once zeroed keeping a constant zero
  8. Turns easily enough with your fingers mate Cheers for watching Darryl
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