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  1. I suppose at the end of the day its down to personal choice pal. I have had both and prefer the wheatan,
  2. Minnie came to us at five weeks old. Her and the litter mate were unwanted and were heading for a uncertain future. Gun dogs were new to me and it would be safe to say that I was like a duck out of water when we decided to keep her as a working dog. After a long long long summer of training and heart break, we got there in the end.
  3. ... what people think,, wheatans in my mind are the tops for their work. Had bullx's and dont fancy them at all. I suppose its horses for courses..............
  4. Not sure if I understand your question,,lol. When you have the right tools for the job you can get any angles you want.
  5. Good to see experienced terrier men at work
  6. A poem for Tom The terrier's they yap for they know the craic They leave the confines of the kennels and dont look back Into the box they jump with joy For its time to go hunting and rag a new toy On reaching the fields they bark so loud For its time to go beneath and make their owner proud Hole is checked and the new toy is at home The terrier can sense it and wants to make it his own. Down the tube his makes his way Not knowing if his new toy is willing to play Above the ground they hear a bang All tools are made ready for they know the plan. The shovel is set deep right into the soil
  7. Only met the man a couple of times, but every time he was a gent, he knows he stuff alright. Met EW yesterday. A friend bought a pup off him. He was a gent in every way and most certainly new his stuff, top man and top dogs. yeah eddies a decent fella Eddie????? Lol
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