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  1. I'm left eye dominant and right handed. If I open both eyes while looking down the rib I get two sight pictures, one from each eye and as a result Im actually aiming about 4 foot the right at 30 yards. At present I shoot with the left eye closed but should really be shooting with both eyes open. This weekend I'm going to toy with placing some tape on the right hand side of the left lens of my shooting glasses and see what happens. Hopefully it will take my left eyes focus off the bead and rib and keep it pointing straight ahead.
  2. Thanks to everyone who posted. I picked up a Hatsan Escort 3" in the end. Not a single shop had a 3 1/2" gun in stock that suited what I needed. Shot some clays with it and it's definitely more pointable than a dedicated sporting O/U, maybe at the expense of a little finesse. Felt like I was pointing a walking stick at then rather than a 7 1/2 pound sporter. Scored equal on both cards though so it's not a bad little gun. Shot a few different cartridges (all 28g plus) and had no issues with cycling. Bring on the seasons so I can get a few magnum 3" out of it.
  3. A bit further west, Wentloog wildfowling club. If they'll have me that is. Based on the marsh and foreshore between Cardiff and Newport.
  4. I went with a 3" gun in the end simply because there weren't any 3 1/2" guns available and my local RFD doesn't stock many 3 and 1/2 Inch cartridges.
  5. Hi All. I'm going to be joining a wildfowling club this coming season so I'm starting to think about picking up a suitable semi auto. I've shot mainly clays to date and I really don't want to be dropping an expensive over and under into the salty shite of the Severn estuary so I've narrowed the choice down to one of the cheap Turkish brands. If I drop a cheap semi into the mud then it's not a massive issue and I'm not going to be so precious about it. Besides that the Beretta O/U only has 3 inch chambers anyway. I've a budget of £450 max for this gun which is quite limiting if
  6. Moderation and variation is key with the main goal being more calories out than in. Along with managing expectations, you aren't going to drop that beer gut and tits in 3 months no matter which fad diet you choose. Keto does work of you have a specific goal in mind like weight stripping for a sporting event or holiday but don't expect it to be a permanent loss. I've dabbled in it in the past and half a stone per week isn't unachievable if your strict with your carb intake. Typically less than 15 grams per day. I recall losing near 2 stone over a three week period. Of course I put it al
  7. Lived in the same area for my whole 28 years on this planet and only last year I spotted my first ever hedgehog. I'm not sure if there is a rescue or something releasing them locally but I've seen more than 10 in the last few months and quite a few more dead on the roads. I can't recall seeing any dead before that either. We have very few, if any badgers here so I hope the hogs do well in years to come.
  8. It was a very enjoyable yet frustrating session. Two fish out with the largest being 18lb. Probably the hottest days to date and the fish had little interest in feeding, just laying at the surface catching some rays. The lake has a surface fishing ban due to the amount of wildfowl. I'm sure one would have cleaned up with a box of dog biscuits. Enjoyable non the less...
  9. First time out in a long while.. Summer 2019 was the last overnight session.
  10. I'm currently working on a project which will see 200+ pop up job centres being installed around the UK. Such is the seriousness of this situation the gov has seen fit to spend 'a lot' of money on this extra capacity for the unemployed. If your lucky enough to have work at the moment, no matter what or where, no matter how much you hate it just keep at it because we're heading to dark place and being a job seeker during that time is the last thing you want.
  11. Claiming that they couldn't walk due to the amount of time that they were confined to their car. Police probably thought that they were doing the usual protestor thing and going limp like a stubborn child when being arrested. That's likely why the police pulled them out of their vehicle and put cuffs on all four limbs. Lesson for them should be 'being a turd gives the police an excuse to treat you as such'.
  12. Lovely little stretch of river, not in the UK I assume? Second from last and third from last images aren't fish I'm familiar with. Second from last is maybe a Ruffe? Third from last image looks like an escapee from someone's tropical setup.
  13. Being COVID aware is the new woke. Amongst my age group 20-30 it's now becoming popular to throw shade at those (individuals and organisations) who do not take this as serious as they do. It's cancel culture and COVID combined and it's doing untold damage especially when you consider a lot of the media are jumping on this COVID awareness bandwagon. Wales online (and many other outlets owned by that group) and their readership for example are loudly critising anyone who dare question anything other than a hardcore approach to the pandemic.
  14. Cancun, Mexico.. First holiday away with just the girlfriend. Flew business class both ways and stayed in a really nice hotel. Nothing really prepares you for 35 degrees and almost 100% humidity, especially coming off the plane in shirt on trousers.. Went snorkelling in a cave and spent the day at chichen-itza. It was a lot bigger than in the films. The Mexicans are really polite and would do anything to provide you with the best possible service. Police road blocks every 5 miles was a little intimidating, especially when their armed with m4 assault rifles and semi auto shotguns.
  15. Twice, you've said that today.. I do hope you are joking?
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