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  1. I'm currently working on a project which will see 200+ pop up job centres being installed around the UK. Such is the seriousness of this situation the gov has seen fit to spend 'a lot' of money on this extra capacity for the unemployed. If your lucky enough to have work at the moment, no matter what or where, no matter how much you hate it just keep at it because we're heading to dark place and being a job seeker during that time is the last thing you want.
  2. Claiming that they couldn't walk due to the amount of time that they were confined to their car. Police probably thought that they were doing the usual protestor thing and going limp like a stubborn child when being arrested. That's likely why the police pulled them out of their vehicle and put cuffs on all four limbs. Lesson for them should be 'being a turd gives the police an excuse to treat you as such'.
  3. Lovely little stretch of river, not in the UK I assume? Second from last and third from last images aren't fish I'm familiar with. Second from last is maybe a Ruffe? Third from last image looks like an escapee from someone's tropical setup.
  4. Being COVID aware is the new woke. Amongst my age group 20-30 it's now becoming popular to throw shade at those (individuals and organisations) who do not take this as serious as they do. It's cancel culture and COVID combined and it's doing untold damage especially when you consider a lot of the media are jumping on this COVID awareness bandwagon. Wales online (and many other outlets owned by that group) and their readership for example are loudly critising anyone who dare question anything other than a hardcore approach to the pandemic.
  5. Cancun, Mexico.. First holiday away with just the girlfriend. Flew business class both ways and stayed in a really nice hotel. Nothing really prepares you for 35 degrees and almost 100% humidity, especially coming off the plane in shirt on trousers.. Went snorkelling in a cave and spent the day at chichen-itza. It was a lot bigger than in the films. The Mexicans are really polite and would do anything to provide you with the best possible service. Police road blocks every 5 miles was a little intimidating, especially when their armed with m4 assault rifles and semi auto shotguns.
  6. Twice, you've said that today.. I do hope you are joking?
  7. Then the government go and take £20 of that, the c*nts haha Richard how do you work that out 20 of ? It was just a joke.... But I'd rather the gov didn't take the amount they do from my pay! Richard
  8. Then the government go and take £20 of that, the c*nts haha Richard
  9. Out on the boat for a day bass fishing, hope this wind dies down mind... Richard
  10. That's because your picking from the dregs and dross of society.. Plenty of hard working young people out there, you've just got to look further than the job centre.. I had a week between leaving school at 18 and going into full time employment as an avionic technician. Richard
  11. Hormones mate, it will grow back with the winter coat.. Richard
  12. Insurance companies have us over a barrel at this age.. I passed earlier this year and I'm paying £3400 for 1.6 mk4 golf, though changing to a 1.2 corsa would only give me a £250 return. It's rediculous, I need to drive in order to work and I need to work in order to drive.. A good third of my weekly wage goes towards even getting to work.. Richard
  13. It's generally believed that they do, following food blown onto the surface and the more oxygenated water but if carp are feeding in one particular area the direction of the wind wont move them.. Other's may well disagree but this is what I've studied while fishing. Richard
  14. You could try pre baiting an area with maggots to get the bait fish in the area, the pike wont be far behind them...
  15. I use it on my iphone to find the aircraft that I've worked on. I find it interesting to know an aircraft that I've had an effect on is now 35,000 feet above the atlantic. Yeah, I'm wierd and I know it.... Richard
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