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  1. i think kane will be a big lose for them i liked jose when he first went to chelsea but when he came back even at utd he seemed to be always whingeing about something but his record speaks for it self be interesting to see how arteta does from what i read he has them playing at a lot higher tempo and after 3 games the fans seem to be buying in to it and has brought a few back who didnt get a shout under last manager
  2. was the same here always injured very highly rated when he came here as a kid on loan but i didnt see anything what they were all raving about but what do i know i think injuries have always been a issue with him from a young age
  3. do you think jose fits in that categeory wilf of sticking with old beliefs i read somewere might of been merson saying spurs havent improved but are going backwards i see batushyi is going from chelsea i would of thought he might of been a better shout for you quicker and more mobile than giroud and decent in the air with age on his side like i said earlier theres some very good young coaches in the championship that would of jumped at the chance of going there some with more mangement experience that frank lampard and hes doing a good job at chelsea maybe take a gamble and take one on but m
  4. https://www.hammers.news/club-news/john-hartson-hits-out-at-david-moyes-claim-and-says-he-is-lucky-to-be-west-ham-manager/
  5. thats what i mean wilf you got moyses he did ok for everton but it would seem when you look round at say everton they didnt go back for him they employed a top manager leciester got rogers another winner moyses is a safety net but hasnt won anything like you say you wanted to see atleast progression but i can see mid table have you seen what john hartson said about it he was brutally honest on how alot of fans are thinking about it
  6. looking at it to be fair wilf city and liverpool do batter most teams but by signing moyses your club laid down a plan of prem safety first giroud is moyses type of player and one that would do you a job it looks like the owners are going to be happy with say a mid table finish but is that enough for some fans now just reading between the lines it wont be after the promises that were made over your move
  7. has mushroom or bird hacked your account scrap that that bird only spent half a larger at closing time even then with a fecked back
  8. i liked moyses he did a good job for us and did ok at everton but his westham record of played 31 and as a win rate of 29 per cent isnt good enough if you want to move forward like your club says should of gone for pouchettino or theres a few good young managers in the championship scott parker thomas frank alex oneil even try and get slavan billic back
  9. i agree shark f***ing thing was beside the van with its teeth showing at the window with snot dribbling down the door no fecking chance was i getting out
  10. i always played pool when i was younger i was at lot better when i was pissed
  11. not with that collie i seen in a farm yard this morning the fecking thing was even after biting the car tryes and went mental when the the farmer put it on its chain sorry elchapo but that was a biter and no one was taking anything from that yard with that lose
  12. max isnt it more illegal held guns or knives that kill more folk and doesnt the uk have the strickest gun laws in europe maybe someone could teach your team how to shoot
  13. i have eaten that much chocolate this christmas i couldnt do a flake never mind that lot
  14. i know were your coming from i know a lad who son teaches young shots etc gets sent on courses and helps at game fairs they get put up in fancy hotels free meals free shooting on big fancy shoots plus payment and one of the main ones thats there is ducan thomas police wildlife officer for lancs he has a shoot [were he teaches kids occasionally i think on there] i bet basc have something to do with paying something and its in a area thats red hot now i wonder why that is i talk with a few shooters and when chris packham stuck it up them a good few said they were fit for purpose and werent rene
  15. feck me that hit a raw nerve it was only a suggestion calm down old lad
  16. i think its manatory with alot of forces now and no return of medical records they wont proceed with the application full stop you could always ask basc for advice but im sure that is how it is
  17. i remember when you could call a spade a spade and they would thank you
  18. exactly fatman shes a bitch thats always been a good finder and stayed till dug to even on some testing digs the lad himself to be fair is going to give her every chance as she deserves hopefully a off day as you say
  19. congratulations to you all ken
  20. went this morning to follow a shoot we was to follow after they had beaten each wood and check any earths after hearing of one fox on the line shot i didnt hope for much but dug a brace under a old banking we then checked a few places that had been kind to us in the past and result we got a mark on both the only down side was my mates bitch walking other than that there was a very good shot on board who took phesants and ducks at a fair height and speed most wouldnt i would quess and some good work from the gun dogs
  21. it was fatman its shame a bitch in her third season walked gutted for the lad see what a rest does for her but i think he will always have doubts now however it pans out shame i liked her
  22. been up today since half 4 of out with the mutts bit of travelling to do need to walk /work some of yesterday food of round 2 today got a full invasion everyone is round for a buffet its seeing grand kids all excited opening there presents when they get here will be the high light for me i might even try a beer later on got a feeling im going to need it
  23. so now your offering yourself out bill get some he;p with what ever issues you have be it beer or mental and stop calling names like that because one day you just might meet someone of here you have called a nounce and get a well derserved slap
  24. bill stop embrassing yourself fella go get yourself a black coffee and tuck yourself up in bed tomorrows another day
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