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  1. If timing was a little different traveling isn't a problem.. But middle of shooting and hunting season I get very little time spare.. I could maybe try sort transport..?? Message me the details please and I'll see what we can work out.
  2. It's more about how the dogs look and perform on any food rather than what it says on the bag Tbh.... It's also important to take notice of what comes out the other end. Brightly coloured sloppy crap that smells bad is all the proof you need that what your feeding doesn't suit your dogs.
  3. As a rule I feed flesh but if I do use biscuits I use redmills Xcel.. That's for running dogs and gun dogs that are worked hard six days a week.. I've tried just about every sack of food on the market over the years and for the price you won't beat it imo.
  4. At a guess I would say around 27 inch never had a tape to him. All my dogs know what a lamp is but daytime work is my passion..
  5. Explosive pace but with enough wind for daytime work usually..
  6. Not really more of a purpose bred specialist but they can turn their hand to most jobs..
  7. If you look back on here you may find some..
  8. He is very "typical" of this family of dogs just his colour is a first for me..
  9. My young prospect for the season 16 mths old and mad keen.. He's a Saluki/ Deerhound/Lurcher mix.. 25 years of testing and breeding have gone into producing him so I'm hopeful he will be ok.
  10. 25 years and still going strong.. I have a soft spot for the deerhound blood but finding one worth putting the time and effort into is proving an impossible task.
  11. Is anyone breeding these now that are 1) From tested stock 2)Not for sale with a covid tax on them As looking at what's about at the minute it seems like they are lost as a working dog.
  12. First couple of trips with young ferrets I don't bother using nets I just bolt for the dog.. Young ferrets can be a nightmare with nets and if they get really tangled it can make them hand shy..
  13. As far as I know it's a standard T5 I would sell it but would prefer a trade...
  14. Original kit was from Ireland, if anyone was interested they would be more than welcome to test it first..
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