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  1. Butler

    2yr old Hob

    Sent you a message fella I'm interested in him... can offer him a good working home..
  2. Looking for some double pegged 4ft nets on sliders preferably in the north east / north yorks area... can anyone help ?
  3. Butler

    Warriors And Pot Fillers Of The Past Rip

    where is that dog from bud? he didnt originally come from wales? atb He was born and bred in the north east mate...
  4. Butler

    Warriors And Pot Fillers Of The Past Rip

    This old dog will never be replaced..... Not just for what he was but for what he has produced, lads up and down the country are filling freezers with dogs and bitches carrying a good lump of his blood... SCOUT....... a legend in my and a few others eyes.
  5. Butler

    New Pup Tor

    Brindle bitch came to me but lost her.... The fawn,cream and brindle bitches were all like peas in a pod just different colours....
  6. Butler

    New Pup Tor

    She was the biggest bitch at eight weeks old.... She is looking well and has plenty of knuckle to grow out yet..
  7. Butler

    Disco2 Bumper

    Looking for a steel front bumper for a disco2 preferably the non winch one but would consider other for right money...
  8. Butler

    New Pup Tor

    Pups looking well lads still gutted about mine.....
  9. Butler

    Of Dogs And Deer

    It's not the fact this fella is a copper that's a problem....It's the fact he has lied about it in the past.. A few year back there was a thread asking what people did for a living can't remember exactly what artic wrote now but it was a lie..... The same bloke started turning up on poultry forums posting about gamefowl and trying to make friends with men who had no idea who or what he was..... Now I could be and hope I am wrong but you don't live a quiet life for very long in this job by being a trusting soul..
  10. Butler

    Wheat Or Oats ?

    I prefer using cat food over dog food it is higher in protein and more importantly has less salt added... Oats are a great addition to their diet but imo benefit from either being soak or sprouted before being offered....
  11. Butler

    Best Dry Food

    I use redmills engage beef or chicken alongside meat... And rear my pups on beta puppy and flesh never had any problems... Dogs always in top order and worked harder than most through the winter months..
  12. Butler

    Price Of Stud Dogs

    Why would anyone in their right mind plan a litter for their own use, rear them at no expense spared. Then give the pick of litter away ? I have no problem with the owner of the sire taking a pup or even homing half the litter but wouldn't dream of letting another man have first choice of pups bred for myself in the first place. Luckily the lads I deal with are good blokes and have dogs for the right reasons... I
  13. Butler

    New To Oeg

    The problem with debris netting or partridge netting is they are fine this time of year but they can't withstand a good fall of snow come winter...
  14. Butler

    Martin Whippet

    They are crap especially the pickle forks.......
  15. Butler

    Landrover 90

    I'm selling my 90 200tdi pickup she has a solid bulkhead,chassis and good doors... Rear cross member could do with a blast and paint and she has the usual dents and scratches you would expect on an E reg work horse..... Full set of bfg mk1 mud terrains spare never been in the road, lightforce striker mounted in the roof,brakes on a switch,polybushes and heavy duty springs... She is in daily use and has been for the 6 years i've owned her and never failed to get me home in that time and has pulled many jap trucks out when they thought they could follow me lol... I'm in Middlesbrough if anyone's interested in a good honest truck and the price is £4500 ovno...