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  1. How’s the mother been doing she hunting and marking ok?
  2. How’s the pup bred Dazz. Did you have a lurcher with pointer init?
  3. Nice them pointers. They finding plenty?
  4. Morton I’ve said it numerous times what I have seen of yours and your sons dogs they’re decent fox dogs. I’ve agreed with what you say about them being good for what you use them for. I disagreed with you saying they are as much terrier as any other. You said it was getting sorted this morning I’ve said it and nobody has contacted me about it the people that have been spoken to probably couldn’t care less about the fell x beddys and what me or you have to say about them. I’ve always got on with your son I’ve been out with him in good company and class him as good company. If things are getting sorted like you stated he knows where to get my number an we can take it from there. I’ve no need to fall out with him and I’m sure I’ll enjoy his company again just the same as I’m fairly sure he won’t want to fall out with me over his dad spouting shit on the internet. I’m sure I’ll have the the pleasure of operating a shovel on my way to a fell beddy cross again one day. You spoke to me at the rescue you mentioned and you seem a complete different man in person compared to on here. If you ever got a dog stuck don’t hesitate to ask I’ll happily come and give you a hand after all it’s not the dogs fault
  5. I spoke to Cain about it not long after he seems to have changed his opinion on it since if he wants to fall out with someone over it I’m not hard to find. I’ve said a couple of times they’re decent fox dogs I’ve also been honest about what they both told me happened that day. It’s not my fault you’ve got your knickers in a twist about. I’ve not much else to say on the matter a think it’s all a bit sad to be honest
  6. Your getting very upset about 1 failure nearly every dog I’ve owned has failed at some point but them failures where never lied about and no excuses made it’s just 1 of them things
  7. He hasn’t disrespected anything just told it how it is
  8. I don’t think his son ever said the dog did well
  9. I’ve dug the earth numerous times and the place they dug wasn’t a stop end
  10. Not as we know it ziggy. If somewhere else in the earth out of site means it’s with it then the dog did well
  11. Wrong the terrier was present nothing else
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