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  1. No problem mate I was taking piss more than anything with that last post. Thanks
  2. Never got a reply off him mate. He’ll fit in well with the rest of the reps
  3. Pg 600 definitely work when done properly. The bitches usually start ovulation early once they’re in season from it
  4. Where’s the meetings going to be?
  5. My Mrs has started a little fertility clinic in Lancashire. If the dog has an infection it will show up on the microscope and snyulox will clear it up and not make sterile. Same with a bitch when they do sightology they can see an infection in a bitch then and same again antibiotics while in heat with no problem
  6. Lot off lads going down the GWP route now. They a lot to bring to the table in a lurcher in my opinion
  7. I was the same for years. Now I’ve got a couple I don’t dont think I’ll ever be without 1
  8. Nice litter of GWP pups here got a few pups going to lurcher and terrier lads to be used as bushing, hunting and marking dogs.
  9. Nice litter of GWP pups there. Dam worked on Fox only and sire has been worked mainly on fur.
  10. All these fertility people that mess with all these fancy breeds are adamant it’s down to the bitch and how many fertile eggs are released that affects litter sizes
  11. Bitch came out as soon as he phoned for help . She must off known I was coming. Could have been a lot worse T just behave yourself now only 2 week to wait
  12. To be honest I wouldn’t really class it as a rescue more a lad had just put his dog in a spot and needed a hand digging. Me and a lad off here have done similar earths in a similar area at similar depths on our own. I think the fell and moorland say a dog has to be in 24hr before they get involved. Think the old boys doing the rocks back in the day wouldn’t class it as stuck if the dog is still working.
  13. I’d like to know what rep they contacted because I know both reps that are near them and both men would off contacted me. I’ve spent a good few days helping out getting dogs out.ive organised machines and payed for machines and the fell and moorland payed me back. The lad himself has said the fell and moorland has failed us all. And the fell and moorland has let everybody down. He’s wrote this on the internet for everyone to see. He’s been going to tell us for days what rep has been phoned and wasn’t interested but we’ve still not had an answer. If you know who’s been phoned about helping get
  14. Apparently a some lads went to help a kid dig a dog out the other day and 1 of them has started a new terrier rescue club on Facebook and been slagging fell and moorland off. I’ve only heard about it all second hand
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