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  1. I agree with that. I’ve seen a litter of 3 bred out of 2 steady terriers that wouldn’t stay. The pups won’t go never mind stay. The dogs might be useful but they’re definitely not breeding stock
  2. Had 2 different failed digging bitches to a fox in here today and no bolt. Old bloke had many fox in there over last 40 year never had a bolt with a bolting dog. And never had a terrier kill 1 even with dogs that killed them regularly. Wouldn’t want a proper digging dog in there
  3. They handy for the job mate and the couplings seem to hold up
  4. Just tapered thread. Make sure everything lines up properly before you weld them up and jobs a good en. A few lads on here been digging with them for a year or 2 now. My old 1 I made before them we used until the head was just worn out and the coupling never missed at all. Only problem lads have had is putting them away wet and letting the threads get rusty and they don’t lock out in line but they clean up and be good again
  5. Similar to some I’ve been making for a while.
  6. Wonder if he knows the difference between a dog and a bitch
  7. Some man to put a pic up trying to prove he’s not dodgy then lying about the pic he’s stolen from somewhere else
  8. Is it me or is she actually a dog not a bitch. Smells fcuking dodgy this Cnut
  9. Ye they’re smart box’s. Thought it would save me wasting someone’s time if someone on here knew what they made them from
  10. I’ve dealt with plenty of kingspan and fridge pannels. Just when someone said they where maid out of a 22mm insulated it sounded like a decent product
  11. when it sounded like they were just 22mm insulated board it’d be worth paying extra for instead of plywood
  12. So are them monarch kennels just kingspan between 2 pieces of plastic then. I read it as some sort of insulated plastic
  13. Does anyone know where you can buy that thema board
  14. I think this must be the first time everyone on the hunting life has agreed on something. Stop end.... is a clown
  15. Basically she won’t stay for ever if the quarry won’t bolt. She won’t push on and try as hard as a decent earthdog and she not likely to get herself hurt especially if there is something else home. To me size and shape isn’t as important as working style and attitude
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