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  1. I wish you all the best guys, in your hunt for new permission, and ope these help.
  2. AAOC meet 14th,15th,16th come join the fun again. VHTV meet 12th,13th, 14th be good to to see a few of you again
  3. Because we can next question.
  4. You lot still bitching ,good ole THL
  5. Yes we are still here,just been taking a bit of a break lately. i have been out with a club member,with his 17hmr & 243 ,I have some footage from that night,both on the Nite site just haven’t had time to upload yet,as real busy with other commitments. also Going to the SFS open day this Saturday,if any one would like to pop in? then Sunday is the AA RS10 memorial shoot,a great day out and value for money.
  6. Hi Guys as already mentioned for our club to host this event /meet ,you need to have 10 or more to cover cost of toilet hire and club facilities,club is still there dates can be changed/moved ,maybe a possible later in the year or for next year?
  7. Any more names to add to the list? Need 10/15 for it to be viable, dates as mentioned by Si brown are fine 13th/15th July.
  8. Hi members havent been on for a while,been busy. are you all still wanting this meet to happen? i need to book in dates.
  9. Hi Rez it is all down to aglorythms & partnerships with company’s within YT,they promise you a quick fire turnaround on subscribers if you sign up to there deal. VHTV were approached when we reached a certain amount of videos and views,we declined. the more subscribers the more revenue your channel will make from monietised videos,for VHTV we are not about that what ever the subscribers we currently have then it’s genuine people who like our content,they have not been directed to VHTV via partnerships or any other bodies within YT. its a shame other channels have fallen for this,but they saw more subscribers they have the more popular your channel will be. apparently not the case? who knows it may just be down to shooting related content that YT ‘s aglorythms computers are vetting? VHTV may ? Be next.
  10. Hi if the leak still persist after a blast of about 150bar,then it’s probably the O ring in the gauge that is hard and not sitting correctly on the valve,hence letting air out,if you can fill for a short period,dunk the gauge end of the cylinder in a glass of water,this will confirm what I am on about. its an easy fix,please make sure all air is out of the cylinder. you have to buy a 36mm hex bit to undo the gauge head,once undone undo the silver slotted bolt to release the valve,you will see a O ring around a brass collar,take the O ring of and lube before replacing with a new one. small parts try not to lose them on dissembling.
  11. Hi Jon thats correct,I can put on HFT course and some in house competitions. speed shoot,quick draw McGraw, 6yd/10 yd diopter comp,just five shots highest scores wins. camp fire and a few beers to plus a BBQ. Or local takeaway will deliver.
  12. The Hammer spring ends & bushes .
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