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  1. Il have to start mounting them on the walls if i buy anymore
  2. Got the normal bolt action clx in .22 beech an by god is it accurate. Really consistent over the chrono too i dont see why it would need a reg tbh. Maybe in .177 for a few more shots?... but even 60 or 70 or whatever you get is more than enough. Wouldnt mind the laminate sidelever one but i already have too many guns
  3. I have 4 of these scopes so yes i rate them haha. Not really tried them in low light but the 44mm objective and 30mm tube should do a decent job together. For daytime shooting in the woods i really like them. Decent scopes at a fair price
  4. Is it .177 ? Try zero at 35 yards.. if its doing about 10.5-11.5 ftlb you should probably be within an inch between like 12 and 40 yards. At 50 you might have to holdover by about a cm or so.. i zero all my .177s at about 35 yards
  5. Got my first one in ages other day. My mate got one aswel. Been focusing on keeping the rats in check for the farmer but theres loads of crows up at his other farm he wants me to get on them next
  6. I have an 008lrf but the GF wants a 007. Was thinking just get her an 007a but is the 007 S a lot better? Worth the extra cash? And now another new/upgraded model. What do i do
  7. Nothing worse than waiting for a mate to take their shot when you have your crosshairs lined up.. its like... come on bro what you waiting for... start a countdown from 5 and if they still havent shot... its my turn .Boom.. then its "what you doing, that one was mine"
  8. Do you film your shots sam ? I now have a pard 008lrf on my hw110t its quite a good combo isnt it !!!
  9. I bet if you got a few of them and chroned them all some would be low like 10.5 10.8 11.1 some would be 11.3 11.4 11.95 and some would be over 12 straight from the factory i think...
  10. Just got my pard 008lrf, late to the party i know but whatever. Took it to range tonight an got it zeroed at 35 yards with the jsb exacts 8.44 and the hw110t. Cant be bothered shimming it so spent another load of brass on the eagle vision mount for it should be better when that comes. My reticle is really low down on my screen so need to sort it i think. Got a couple of spare batteries and a USB charger so im pretty much good to go. Could do with an exterior IR torch that i could mount to the other side of the pard on the piccatinny rail if anyone wants to reccomend me one. Tr
  11. Beautiful rifles J it wont let you down. Hope it shoots as nice as the 97 i gave jimmy
  12. I got a pro sport new a couple months back, 725 quid... and its 'twangy' straight out of the box. Dont get me wrong, its really consistent and very accurate straight out of the box... but i think a tuning kit could improve it. A tighter fitting spring guide and maybe a piston sleeve or a top hat could probably eliminate the rattling twangy noises. And maybe dampen the recoil a bit. Its not exactly kicking like a donkey but i think it could be lightened a bit. Open the 99 up and see if there are a few rough edges you could make a bit better. My 99 was reallllly harsh but it sill shot
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