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  1. Alright guys just got my locators out and noticed my mkii isn’t working next to the collar it’s showing 10ft move it a foot away it’s gone any ideas what to do spoke to deben a while back they said they don’t make that model anymore so can’t do much about it but I can send it off and see what they can do if anything does anyone know anyone who can fix these thanks
  2. 100% it will work done it myself over the past 15 years works well as long as you give them 2/3 years before you hit the land
  3. I was searching myself mate the rat works seen to be about the best mate not cheap like
  4. Alright guys I currently have a air arms s410c use it quite often am just about to send it of to ratworks to get tuned and a service but am also thinking about fitting one of these power adjustments screws but unsure if it’s worth it does anyone have any pictures what it’s like with the screw in or any advice on if it’s even worth it cheers guys
  5. I know that mate tbh there hardly in trees on the land I go always out in the open but you just can’t get near them with a air rifle
  6. Thanks mate I will give them a try 2moz
  7. Ok thanks mate I will just apply for it and try and get in touch with someone who has a fac using rifles so they can guide me it also asks for the gun type and Cal but I have no idea what I will require for bunny and feather cheers mate
  8. There must be a minimum distance the public have access to a lot of my land has a public footpath somewhere or other
  9. It’s a rail way one side the motorway they other and then houses around what’s the distance public need to be away for shooting and I might just get one anyway for the air rifles tbh but just want to try and get it all right first time around thanks mate
  10. Alright guys am just about to try and apply for my fac for a rimfire to shoot mainly rabbits but at the same time would be feather aswell am currently working on 2 golf courses and as you know isn’t easy to get near them so trying to apply for a fac to make life easier if I apply for a fac do I need to have the gun cabinet at the time of doing the application or can you get it after it’s processing thanks any advice is welcome
  11. I do a lot of pest control and quite a bit of it is in lofts you will need to find a lad near by that has a good terrier to find there tracks and find we’re they are coming from personally I would set traps and also get some of the Mummifying poison from a fiend but as a last resort the Mail issue is finding we’re they are coming from using normal standard poison is a no no and leaving a ferret in the attic wouldn’t stop anything you would just be making more of a issue for yourself if I didn’t live so far away I would of helped you out and I don’t drive
  12. I have 2 mkii boxes with one collar both need looking at there out by 4ft and I also have a mk1 knocking box I want looking at with 2 collars any Recommendations thanks
  13. Yee true wouldn’t mind seeing this myself tbh
  14. Hey guys am pretty new to the gun scene I bought a s410 carbine about a year ago it’s been well looked after and I myself believe I also look after it right although I had it out the other night in slight rain forgot to clean it off straight away put it in the bag about 4/5 hours after putting it away decided to clean it off and noticed the barrel had gathered a lot of rust some of it is a lot worse like small lumps once cleaned off it looks ok but I would still like to get it sorted thanks guys
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