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  1. villaman

    I am getting old....

    Not that far behind you my self But still go out off road biking 3 times a week , out either Friday or Saturday night on the piss
  2. villaman

    A New Scope Discovery!

    Mate has the FFP compact Discovery , bloody excellent scope and I will be buy one soon
  3. villaman

    A New Scope Discovery!

    Cant see no pics
  4. villaman

    Hawkes are for the birds....

    Totally agree but not just Hawkes but MTC as well
  5. villaman

    Hawkes are for the birds....

    Bit like your self David ,hardly hear from you
  6. villaman

    Hawkes are for the birds....

    Nice mole I am changing over to Discovery scopes ,nice clear glass
  7. villaman

    Any brickys?

    You would be better doing them 450x 450 or 675x 450 then it would work in blocks
  8. Are going to get some sort of refund from Airfective ? Sounds like they made a right cock up with it . Might think twice before using them again , specily after the problem with a mod from them I had a mod made for the impact from airfective and found out pellets were clipping the mod ,phoned them up and told them he did say return it or just open the hole out .But you should not expect that after forking out £140
  9. villaman

    hw100 kt

    What makes you think that
  10. villaman

    hw100 kt

    That is not HW100kt
  11. villaman

    One for the food lovers

    That looks tasty
  12. villaman

    Air arms galhad

    You would be better off posting this in the airgun section
  13. Pleased for you mate , I thought you would get there in the end , you seem not to be a quitter Just need to get out and shoot it then you will see how good they are
  14. villaman


    .25 running @ 47 ft/lbs
  15. Send it off to ASI they probable do it for nothing even though its been messed with . Speak to Tony ,I managed to f*** up my crown and explained to tony what I did ,and he said lets have it back in and see what you have done . like I said it came back with in a week and no charge and like new . I have read a few who are not happy with Airfective but I suppose you they are only human and do miss things at the end of the day
  16. Not good Sean , what are you going to do ask for your money back?
  17. FAC and I think its ok in sub 12 as well
  18. Sounds like its still leaking not god news mate ,specily after forking out 200+ notes . Try and keep with it because they are great guns in FAC or sub 12 I had a small leak on the crown + trigger sticking on second stage , phoned Tony up at ASI and told me take it back to your RFD we will pick it up and sort it . Came back a week later all done
  19. villaman

    The best excuse

    easy win
  20. villaman

    The best excuse

    What will be your excuse after you had them done
  21. villaman

    toddler bitten

    Toddler Bitten 15 Times by 'Somalians' at Play Centre
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    The image going through my head at the moment ,is not worth thinking about
  24. villaman

    Fx Crown review from the US Mitch

    On the crown and impact I have taken the standard shroud off and fitted custom made ones . On the impact I have fitted Airfective 2 part shroud/silencer carbon fibre On the crown ,Phil at Ratworks made me all in one shroud/silencer carbon fibre Both are very quiet but not as quiet as a sub 12 with HW mod on . You can always fit a mod on instead of shrouds , on both I have tried HW mods and they do work very well and probably the same noise level as the custom ones . I just like the look of the custom ones
  25. villaman


    Only just seen it mate