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  1. 😎 Where you been Hiding Dude i have Missed ya on the WOC

    1. villaman


      Go go on there much since it changed over to  tape talk 

    2. scrinja


      Yer its fookin dead Mitch I go on now and again same with most forums

      Full of experts and Assholes so im in good company really 🤣 ?

  2. Hi guys anyone know the oring sizes for the 90 ? Thanks in advace
  3. Better Late than never I've just changed the magazine axle on my HW100 .20 after having some issues with the indexining . Occasionally the mag wouldn't fully rotate which meant when closing cocking arm the pellet probe would catch the edge of the mag preventing correct loading of the pellet . I've shot 17,000 pellets through it + whatever the first owner fired so wear on the mag axle is possible even on a HW. 1) Remove action from stock 2) I removed trigger to give better access 3) Splitt action by removing the two long bolts. 4) Remove the 2mm Allen head grub screw underneath
  4. Thanks for the heads up Mac Its as thick as everyone else`s Buddy it has to be with my sense of humor ?
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys
  6. Power back to the People
  7. Hi guys im usually on the WOC forum but im being nosey and having alook on here also seems a good forum So take care and be Lucky
  8. Hi Mitch yes it seems ok on here the WOC has gone abit quite of late and i will put the link up Buddy hope im not banned though for doing it !!
  9. Hi guys hope this helps all HW100 owners who are having leak probs
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