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  1. no thread mate just bolt and butterfly nut used it a couple of time,s to be fair it,s quite sturdy but there again wouldnt like to dig with it all the time
  2. here,s a 2 piece shovel flying fox made just under 3ft fit,s in a rucksack when split
  3. couldnt disagree more the pup looks fine with a bit of weight on it just how it should be at that age it,s still developing in body and confidence it shouldnt see any serious work till next season anyway at that age plenty of time
  4. for me the barryvox pulse is the better than the b/f ive found with the pieps on the deeper digs weve missed the tube a few time,s the new b/f is like carrying a brick round with you never had a problem with the pulse spot on every time as for the price there about the same around £280 each some people dont like the noise the pulse make,s all i do is put my thumb over the speaker when using it bolster range is 60 metre,s mate
  5. is your,s the pulse or the element neil never seen the pulse in feet mate dont know about the element though
  6. have a look on ebay at sealskinz hats there quality
  7. cracking thread blaise and some nice dog,s especially the young black bitch hope she carry,s on for you atb
  8. agree with you there gonetoearth i have a young bitch out on loan to a mate she was ready to start at the end of the season and he has to carry on with pest control so it,s worked out well she,s started work with him and he keeps me informed how she,s going couldnt of worked out better she wouldnt have seen anything till september if she stayed here as you say only with a trusted friend though
  9. all my kennels are 9ft x 4ft but never kennel terriers together a recipe for disaster imo they run together in the yard when im there and are coupled together when out walking with no problem but at the end of the day terriers are terrier,s and can kick off over something as stupid as a leaf blowing past if 2 of them go for it so when not there each has seperate kennel,s jmo
  10. ha ha she,s a very good bitch mate but you know my thoughts on that lol
  11. not a big fan of the russel myself but have to say thats a cracking stamp of terrier strong dog
  12. brother and sister 5 1/2 month
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