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  1. Good luck with him Dixie! Any pics of yours? Bit of Tongue an cheek, D-N-A ..Old yeller in the Movie ,was a LAB X ...as is the Kids dog ,Wilbur calls them Cockerdors,,I call them Curs..or in normal terms Crossbreds.. He is the Double of the Movie Dog if not smaller,so the Kid called him Yeller..,but we did Register him with the Vet as a Mt Cur as it came up on their comp as I jockingly said what he was. So for all intentions and purposes we now Own a Bona-fide Mountain cur ,Scottish one at least.. ,but I'll still try putting up a pick..
  2. I,ve just aquired a Cur pup of old Wilbur, for the Kid.named him after OLD YELLER. the songs got him to a T same type an colour
  3. Used to dig at a Spot that was on the site of a former SHANKS factory, Dig down an find your Fox under a pile of Lavvy seats ... sure a few oldies on here will know it...covered by housing now,like alot of Former spots,diminishing by the minute by New Build
  4. Sealyham X non starter to ground ,but very biddible,Lucas in it's background
  5. Land Reform, is what is on the SNP agenda... Game Estates,Absentee Landlords , etc ..They have taken the Labour Vote ,and want to Keep IT ! So throw a bone to the plebs ...go after the '' Rich '' and if they happen to be seen as English Toffs with our land all the better .. One Party States always go after '' Hunting '' disarm any of the populace that might decide to disagree.. Already started with Airgun leglislation...OUR hunting bodies ,Sacs ,Working Terrier clubs,should be encouraging folk to join S.N.P. and change their Direction from WHITHIN... Every change on Hunting across the B
  6. Would cost that to take family to pictures....A good well bred ,looked after pup of any breed will cost more to bring on to parting date.. That price over the dogs lifetime,will be paid back in spades,in enjoyment ,work and company.. 250 in my opinion would be fair for surplus,but nothing to a good homes if not breeding for the sake of it, would be the ideal.
  7. If he keeps stable,will be flown back to Southern General ,Glasgow mid week.. A hard knock for an active man ,but he's managed a glint in his eye.
  8. Got a Rodeo ...Ivor Willliams mesh door and small window at front sat here,50 and it's yours..
  9. Just to let anyone know, Jim has taken a stroke ,whilst on Holiday in Spain. Critical ,but Stable at mo. Will keep you all posted... Jim was a good friend to alot of diggers around the U.K. and was one of the first to bring the the Black Fell to the attention of Scottish diggers,thus alot of the Black dogs up here owe their lines to his.. A speedy recovery is wished for
  10. You obviously have a computer Big Bill so why ask advice on this breed of terrier here rather than look up the massive amount of data that already exists ? I think we all know about the German Hunt Terrier. Product of the insane thinking in Germany in 1930's to claim everything that is strong and good as German and that the working terrier as an ancient Germanic type of dog rather than a relatively modern English type of dog. So they imported terriers white Fox terriers from England and with the use of an unlimited budget isolated the black and tan gene that the Fox Terrier still carried (
  11. The Days of a Proper Digging Sealyham are well Numbered,if there ever was a day of a SINGLED handed dog,it's well gone... Great for bushing and general Ratching around ideal for a Youngster tho,or even an Elderly gentleman
  12. Still can't see most of the content,after revisiting this thread Them cig cards are nice..might re-Post them here a pic of some siblings..
  13. Still can't see most of the content,after revisiting this thread Them cig cards are nice..might re-Post them here a pic of some siblings..
  14. My oldest kid(not a teen yet ) has been'' Plinking'' away for a couple of years,with a Daisy .177 pump rifle. He reckons ,time to upgrade....Problem is ,Mines a .22 Webley Omega,Blonde wood Dark checkering ,with recoil pad .and a ASI deluxe wide angle 4 X 20 scope..Way to heavy for him .To be honest I find it Heavy. So got to Downsize,thinking of a Trade in ,So what should I get or expect to get for Him to use ? Also thinking of getting for his younger sibblings to use ,a Red RYDER bb ,are they available here and are they of any use ? Be grateful for any positive input
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