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  1. Brin was out of Billy to a little half x bitch. If I remember rightly all that litter made big strong dog's capable of good things. There was a cracking black bitch called whip from that litter who did decent things also.
  2. Stan was out of Billy to a bitch called black. Black was out of gedgies blue to a saluki/grey bred bitch. Stan and Billy are both dead now.
  3. Just to add these are the leather sole ones
  4. Loake Burford size 9 for sale. Been worn at most a dozen times. In top condition and come with the original box. Just been diagnosed with arthritis in my feet so not doing my feet any favours. Pick up south Yorkshire S63 area of south Yorkshire. £ 100 no offers. Cost £200 new.
  5. the greatest test for any lurcher is by taking it out of it's comfort zone.pushing it beyond that which it is used to. Be that rabbits or roe. test its mental strength aswell as its physical.
  6. Can be and has been done. i've had 1 of each . Dressed for the dealer the stag weighed in at 300lb. Maybe 350lb fully intact. The hind was easy compared to the stag. But..be prepared to lose a dog playing with the big uns.
  7. Haye and Holyfield are pumped up cruiserweights. As a match i'd go for Holyfield as he was a grinder. Loved the rough and tumble of a dirty fight and could also be as good as a clean technical fighter. Haye was/is always looking for the big knockout punch and when it doesn't come looks to be a little overwhelmed at times.
  8. Are there no sisters,nieces,aunties floating about? probably not otherwise you'd have been sorted no doubt. Could you not use his dam? Inbreeding i know but needs must i suppose. Regardless ,hope you find a suitable bitch.
  9. Best frontman had to be Feddie Mercury. Best voice...... Well thats personal preferance . Mario Lanza and Buddy Holly for me.
  10. Firstly a big thank you to Rex for sorting the dog situation out for me and to his mrs for letting Rex bribe her lol. Secondly a big thanks to all who have taken time to wish my mum and family well. Just shows we are not all uncaring wildlife murdering bstards
  11. Got a couple of slips here you can have mate if you pm me your addy
  12. if its ok with rex then e'll be going there. least hes going to a quality home where i know he'll get all the attention he needs. if owt changes then i'll be in contact with the lads who have pm'd me offering the dog a home
  13. Yes mateSurprised us both that night if I am right he certainley did mate :thumbs:like it says in the ad mate. handy little dog to have about the place
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