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  1. I’ve had my lad on shoots for years he was shooting duck , pheasant at 11 years old . We’re off today for a day shooting,he loves the computer but just hope I sow a little place in his head that will see him continue with it.
  2. Utter madness. If ya got a cock your a man.
  3. I was in the gun room at our local shooting suppliers before Xmas, the guy said he’s not taking anymore guns in part ex or buy, he told me loads of people are handing guns in and he’s overstocked with them.
  4. Don’t count!! That’s a left hooker
  5. Put your money on the table mate or shut the grannies up, too many dinlos on here now adays on the wind up. The big cat posts are locked to arguing it’s going to shite
  6. Lurchers and wankers is about right .bit like beer n tits they go together.
  7. No mc hull not got the cash moneys
  8. No cash money on the table yet?????
  9. Most army Brickie’s could,nt lay a brick in a barrow, worked with loads bloody useless they was, bit like firemen taking on building work when they are off shift total mess
  10. I can just about put a bend on a drain rod.
  11. That vid she’s using all 18mm ply?? Won’t that be really heavy Combined with all the other stuff in it.I think I’d go twin wheel also just for a bit of wieght distribution
  12. I’m going to have to issue a medal shortly.
  13. The investment on a rental is not great I reckon, the rent and agro you get is peanuts compared the the outlay. Yes the property should go up in value, but if you sell a second property it’s 40% capital gains tax on it. Renting containers ( if you got the area) is the way forward
  14. We should be able to decide if we kill foxes ,or not and have the right to abortion or not
  15. Good fella, kids need a hobby/ sport keeps them focused and meeting new mates. Well done him
  16. Mines similar I will try and get a pic up but will struggle, not good on computers ( kids will know) I got a coatimundi too both full animal
  17. I done quite a lot of new builds, with the price of gear it’s not a cheap hobby these days, but if you got the land already and did nt have to pay for it with planning in place you are in a good position. But it’s about 1 year depending??? Of hassle and agro if you build unless you got a friend who’s good builder. Planning only is just the start tho, you need building regs drawings, building inspector on board, may well need soil sample sent of for structural engineers to design foundations could need pilling which is top dollar, then structural for beams inside etc, you may need sap calc fo
  18. We had some loose( not wildI reckon) wallabies that got lamped .
  19. Could be mate im not sure I think they not far off the same. I just call it a cinnamon badger
  20. The taxidermist said it was, it’s got cream with light brown stripes, pink eyes, nails, skin
  21. I was out 4 nights a week in the winter and lots after harvest, never saw anything like a cat tbh, came across erithristic badger one night, that’s on a wooden board now looks great,spent my life outdoors . but I do hope some evidence comes out soon.
  22. Yes true mate I meant if I give them money instead to buy a house. Yup the trust is the way to go
  23. Probably mate but that won’t help much in this day and age. If I can give em 100,000 each I will be content, done my bit . I spend the rest on my wife, beer, holidays and a smaller house
  24. Yes heard about a trust, bloody nightmare trying to sort it. If I give them money to buy a house which is a good idea should they get divorced then the monies gone.
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