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    Its a running joke with us, as soon as a newbie (Justin's new girlfriend, for instance) is introduced, we sit them with dad and leave them....I kid you not it can be 2 or 3 hours straight, half way through you get the "save me" look...thats when you leave the room..lol, we all give it a wide berth now... I will indulge him as he's eighty now, and we're mates...plus he's bright as a button and actually led a proper interesting life, you just need to set aside a day and prepare yourself!! Lol


    My father in law is right into it, searches right back through all of our family histories and documents it all...my wife's side is back to the beginning of time now, I think... Now its all really interesting and I honestly love my Father in law to bits...but to be cornered by him at a family do, he's pretty much deaf and there is only one way conversation...well he can't hear so he does the talking..... I feel like a time traveller after a couple of hours when he finally comes up for air!! Lol
  3. It will be mate as its starts right at the beginning and obviously the first couple of years was all about the Rovers story, taking on UTD etc... Its a good watch though, you'd enjoy it mate
  4. The skill and time involved in really drilling into data like this and taking out anomalies, looking for trends, and drilling into it properly is way beyond most of us (I know that's your job so you aside!!) Lol We are working with a huge transport company at the moment, are on week 8 of a fuel trial...now the graphs and data I've been sent over this time and getting my head around has been testing to say the least... then last week we go to a meeting at one of their depots and they pull a load more into the pot, passenger numbers, weather conditions etc etc... all on graphs and then on s
  5. I've no idea who has or hasn't had it mate.... I dont really care either
  6. First bit if Info I've read in ages mate, cause it was easy to read!! Lol It is interesting looking at the countries with fairly small case numbers and high fatalities, then Israel sticks out for the opposite... f**k do I know ..some live some die, some don't even catch it when surrounded by it... jab don't jab....its a minefield!! Lol
  7. Agreed mate... Which is why comparing data on a global scale like this will never be apples for apples....to many other factors to consider, as you state above... Interesting, easy to read stats though, o wonder how accurate they are?
  8. I realise that mate... I'm not overly into loads of stats, they make your eyes bleed in the end...lol But if Israel is the country with the most vaccinations per person, then the death rate is very low compared to infections... does this show vaccination is good? Or the high level of infections shown it is bad? How do you look at figures and pick the part you want i suppose.. Not aimed at you or Socks, just me mumbling to myself... lol
  9. I think that's the crux of it mate.... the more you dig the more questions rather than answers you find..
  10. Looks a smart set up mate, that glamping malarkey is bug business now!
  11. Look at Afghanistan, Cases 154k deaths 7186 That can't be right can it? Over 5% death rate to infected?
  12. Actually if you just look at the figures of Israel the death rate compared to cases is very low.. 1.23m cases and only 7541 deaths... Compare that with say Moldova 282k cases and 6595 deaths. In fact if you go up or down from Israel cases vs deaths Israel's figures look the "best"... Can't be assed to work out percentages and analyse any further than a quick scan though...
  13. Great stuff mate, looks a decent turn out for you lot.. I tried to get to a game when I was in Split a couple of years back, just fancied the atmosphere...unfortunately the game was away when we were there and travelling across Croatia to watch a game wasn't in my plans..lol I played with a Bosnian lad, a refugee, at U17s very technical footballer, very good but when we stepped into mens was too physical here... He went home and went professional, played decent standard and is involved in coaching now... hes made a carer out of football fair play to him...
  14. I'm looking forwards to this one as well, as much as we all want the big Fury v AJ showdown, this fight could be a lot more telling. Can't add anything to the posts above, its what we all expect, Usyk to box very well and Joshua to find a way to finish it. I think AJ will be too strong, and mid to late rounds finish it....but agree with everything above, it could very easily go wrong for him..
  15. There's a series on BBC I player called fever pitch...all about the start of the Premier league, the players, fans, owners and old Rupert Murdoch pulling the strings... I know I'm a little bit younger than you so some of these are fairly early memories for me, those early 90s games are still etched in the mind...but well worth a watch for ant footie fan...
  16. Same directir, I think, as Seven Phscopaths.... Now that is a brilliant film...
  17. Watched In Bruge last night... It was strange but I ended up enjoying it, taking out the midget with a karate chop to the neck was my highlight...lol
  18. Guessing? That's not good enough....cmon mate you know the rules....search, research then post the link.. here's a tip start with Tom Hanks...rumours has it he's in the club..
  19. Calling someone an overgrown duck is too offensive!!
  20. You cruel cruel b*****d...... WHYYYYYY!!
  21. Don't say the "C" word 3 times ffs....God knows who will appear...
  22. You got any links? I mean I need some links man.....
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