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  1. duggy


    I do find it sad to read some of ur posts on here. I personally was took into care when i was 18 months old. Still new my parents growing up but never really bothered with them as they didnt with me but i must admit when both were at there end i went to make some sort of peace and pleased i did. Now I was lucky enough to be given a home with a couple who brought me up as there own and for me earned the title as mam and dad. Theres nothing i wouldnt of done for them. Unfortunally they are now gone but ill be forever grateful and cherish every memory with them. Lifes to short and you never
  2. Glad you enjoyed it mate. Ill sort another trip out soon. Jagd was hunting well and the teckles were brilliant to watch also were the only ones that caught some..
  3. Now then buddy! How’s things? Lost ya number pal! 

    1. duggy


      Sound matey.

      Ill txt ye👍

    2. jonnygray
  4. duggy

    New layout

    Nope not for me like... i dont like change..
  5. Hi guys i recently applied for my shotgun licence and wondering what you fellas think would be the best shotty to start out with if it all comes good.. Atb duggy
  6. Just like to update this post and let you all no that sussex had kindly offered to make these sheilds and then posted them to me. I received them today and there brilliant. Thanks again. Top bloke Duggy
  7. Ive got pics here of what he has but its not allowing me upload pics anymore Can you pm me your number and ill send them to you. Thanks mate great offer
  8. Not 100% sure mate think itll be a fallow. Any chance you could get me a pic so i can show him please also what price you wanting Cheers
  9. Hi folks im looking for a plaque/sheild for my mate to mount a set of antlers if anyone can point me in the right direction itll be much apretiated Atb duggy
  10. Hi folks ive just been given a nice set of antlers and im in need a nice plaque to put them on any info would be great. Type of wood ect. Many thanks
  11. A friend is after getting a dog picked up from thetford norfolk to northeast can anyone recomend a good courier? Atb duggy
  12. Hahaha. This place does bring the best out in people thats for sure... Ive spoke to taz a few times over last year or so also met the lad as i got a pup of him myself some time back and well pleased with how shes turned out. Also heard a few storys off me pals who have had invites out off taz all good If i were you goat id take him up on his offer ye never no you might even enjoy it Atb duggy
  13. After a chat with farmer earlier in the week hed asked if i can have a look round first light as crows/jackdaws were becoming a pain. So up and out at 5 this morning to bag a few before work. Lost a couple in thick cover and the odd 2 that had been cliped and ran off amongst cattle that couldnt be recovered Loving this gun atm Hw 100 in 177 Duggy
  14. Is there any pesties in northeast on here? I have friend looking to set up bee keeping and i said id ask see if anyone had any that needed "rehoming" or any usefull advise on were to get some from Atb duggy
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