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  1. Best wishes and hopefully a speedy recovery for you both ,I know what you mean about the tiredness and then it's the sleepless nights it does your head in . .
  2. We use to swim around the pilot pier at Hartlepool when we were kids and around by steetley pier which is in-between the headland and crimdon , that was the best place to swim with it's hot water fall pipes running back into the north sea making it bearable sadly all gone now with the place flattened and a housing development on there .
  3. I doubt it One of my jills has come into season too ,mine are kept inside only it's the only one jill from 5 and that's a youngun from last year
  4. Stevie E

    Long nets

    Nelson's net loft on face book .His long nets are well recommended and top quality . Decent fella to deal with too
  5. I know it's a bit of a read and probably been put before , myself like many others were shown over 40 years ago it was the norm to feed them on slops bread and watered down carnation milk as my grandad use to say meat is far too important to waste he was from an era of rationing and shortages and ferrets were treat a lot more different back then .I wonder what the past generations of ferreters would say if they seen how there kept now Excerpt from the book: “Ferrets & Ferreting – A Practical Manual on Breeding, Managing, Training and Working Ferrets” by Wiliam Carnegie, originall
  6. Cracking work as usual Bill ,I'm sure it will net you a few runners .If not bring it down Im sure we can find some hedge setts to run it along
  7. Picked up the Jill credit to mark very well handled and looked after she,ll fit right in
  8. Aye they are in a bit off a mess Bill ,cracking restitching as usual should last a few more years now for the lad
  9. It's been a while since I've been on the site are there any ferrets coming up in Hartlepool or surrounding areas I'm after a couple of Jill's and a hob.Thanks Stevie
  10. Single shot I'm afraid ,daystate harrier .22 I covered it in normal camo tape I was dreading taking it off incase it was a nightmare ,it would have looked a bit over the top for the youngun to use it on the range.Deadly with the airarms field diablo pellets.
  11. Ive tried both and the one I enjoyed using the most was my own single shot and found it very accurate,it's been well used over the years and is still going strong with the youngun using it now and liking it .
  12. Washington Air rifle range a popular range all indoors not a big range but always warm and friendly a good place for the younguns to start ,on the smaller range lanes you put your paper targets onto a pulley system . The last time we went fiver for an hour with your own gun or a 10 with the use of their guns .Booking is advisable at the range too.
  13. If you use your own gun it's a fiver for a hour or 12 pounds for 3 hours you can also hire a rifle for extra money it's a 100 metre range with its own targets set up at different distances , a lad from work shoots clays there and mentioned it to me ,have a look at their website the place is called oaklodge shooting ground.Its just on the doorstep from me toi which is a bonus and it gets the youngest lad out of the house for a bit.
  14. Just found out recently about the air rifle range in Hartlepool so decided to take my youngest lad and my trusty old air rifles(should have left him at home really as he outshot me again little sod ) , I don't know wether it's been done already or not about the range but it's worth a visit to spend an hour or so and the food is a bonus.We,ll be back there next week to have another plink at the targets.
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