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  1. Not a problem jimmy nice to meet up with yourself and grandson?? I think we ,ll let the younguns get a head start before we beat them next time ??
  2. I think he might have been sorted mate judging by the date it was posted ??
  3. I can imagine ? ending up looking 4 inches taller with the mud on the bottom of your boots and slipping on any incline and looking like youve just fell in a mud pool mate , that's a normal ferreting trip matey?
  4. Nice 1 jimmy 1s better than none and it beats stopping in ??
  5. Merry Xmas back and hope you all have a good hunting year ????
  6. I've brought a few dents up on rifle stocks in the past with a iron and damp cloth ?it has to be dents though as it is only compressed wood and not scratches or chunks out that way only filling will sort it out . Atb Stevie
  7. Stevie E


    Yep you're not alone ? I've 8 (3 have not long been out and 5 young jills from last year ) in season they all live in a shed no light no windows in the shed only artificial light is the one I put on when I go in to see to them very early indeed saying that I had 2 that came in last Jan but the rest were fine .
  8. It would be a sad world if we couldn't help each other I've noticed on here there's a lot of good honest people willing to lend a hand or do something for someone regardless of what it is or how long it takes ,even if they haven't met before and that's how true friendships are formed ?.Them are the genuine people you need in your lives and a little bit of kindness goes a long way in my eyes?. Atb Stevie
  9. Soon has your sorted with a vehicle matey giz a shout and we can meet up and I,ll take you out I've got a few rabbits that still need clearing up before I start on them squirrels I've a place I'm sure the farmer won't mind your bird flying when it's ready at whatever his dad's a nice bloke too always has a story to tell ?
  10. Anything to help out mate you're a genuine top bloke who knows his stuff ? plus my freezers full at the minute you sure you didn't want any more rabbits lol ,the bird you have in is stunning and a true credit to yourself shame I didn't know when you when you had a few in ,when your birds ready giz a shout I've a couple of places where it should have a few good flights ??
  11. I was given one in .177 from one of my lads very easy guns to strip and work on ?, mines got a ww full drop in kit in it now and it's a nice rifle to shoot?
  12. Stevie E


    It wasn't a problem anything to help a fellow member out and hopefully there,ll see you right for a bit ? and it was only another half hour or so up the road from where I live so that wasn't an issue ?I thought you'd have give us a biscuit though ,with the tea nevermind ?only kidding when you get sorted giz a shout and we,ll get you out for a few hours with the stinkers ?
  13. Stevie E


    Many thanks for that ?
  14. Stevie E


    It's saying your not able to get messages is your inbox full ?if not I'm sure someone else can send your number over to me through a pm ?
  15. Sounds like you,ve got them coming in quick and fast? have you still got your camera up there to see what's going on Sam ?
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