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  1. mine would take a few lions out atleast
  2. in the words of Mr.Burns "unleash the hounds"
  3. roll on the weekend

  4. I bet the ouija board was the least of your worries .......explains alot though.... did it remind you of the time you were an alter boy?
  5. i burn crosses in my next neigbour's garden.
  6. anyones house, local pub or anything else haunted?
  7. mine would and she'd even have a bash at one herself we had a convo like this a few months back you booked you tickets yet?
  8. maybe our cheryl is a keen hunter.
  9. judge2010


    when in doubt leave it out.
  10. ....................................................................but the maths dont add up????... you get the point labrador no one likes a smart arse.
  11. f**k it mate when in Rome get it banged Fair play to you Judge, you dont half liven this site up sometimes pmsl. cheers pal.
  12. f**k it mate when in Rome get it banged
  13. fond memories of you and your lass on my travels to fife, your right she was the fittest bird in your town
  14. i'm abit lost on this subject, will hunting with lurchers be allowed or just the hounds? (if it happened)
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