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  1. dave1372

    Getting New Lamp Advice Needed

    ....the answer is simple. Tracer 170 . Excellent range, better than Clulite (I have both by the way), beam can be focussed .
  2. dave1372

    223 Reloading Bench Setup

    ....get on youtube and check out 'basic reloading' and plenty comes up. 'Ammosmith' and '1967Spud' have great youtube videos I would recommend. See how two or three different people do it, the most important thing I would say is be consistent do things in the same order every time. Just changing one element of the process or equipment can change the consistency of your ammo. I once did 100 rounds of ammo with 50 lapua case and 50 nosler customer brass and the nosler grouped the same but an inch left to the zero!
  3. dave1372

    Five Calibres

    .22lr for short range bunnies/crows .222 for foxing/roe deer/longer range crows/bunnies .308 for deer/boar .458 win mag for dangerous game .50 bmg for Taliban
  4. dave1372

    My Home Made Iscope

    Good result.
  5. dave1372

    Howa 1500 In 243

    I have a Howa 1500 varmint barrel in 22-250 and as far as I am concerned it is excellent value for money. I adjusted the trigger myself and it holds inch groups no problem and has counted for a hundred plus foxes of the last few years.
  6. All things considered regarding her rein as PM .... whether Tories are in Power or it is Labour in reality very little changes at the end of the day. I believe all politicians set out with the best of intentions but the nature of politics and making any real change takes so long that their job is futile and a thankless task. Regardless of whether people liked her or not they should at least have some respect for the deceased....
  7. dave1372

    Vehicle Lamp

    Do you mean something like this : http://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk/product/594dcd1deb5a0c7266643337/Lightforce+Remote+Mounting/
  8. ....how much are you prepared to spend?
  9. dave1372

    Laser Sight And Lamp

    You only get what you pay for and for £30 I wouldn't be expecting to shoot a fox at 100 yards, put it that way. For £30 I would expect to be shooting rabbits at 40 yards tops! Buy cheap and you will always buy twice!
  10. dave1372

    Choice Of Ammunition

    If you want more info on calibre characteristics and performance of ammuntion/suitability then I highly recommend you have a look at this website : http://www.ballisticstudies.com/Knowledgebase.html
  11. dave1372

    Russian Meteorite Causes 101 Injuries

    ......funny how all round the world people were told about the meteorite that was going to miss the earth, however the one that was going to actually hit the earth they decided to keep that under their hat ......reassuring eh
  12. dave1372

    How To Get Dsc And More Experience

    Join this forum buddy............. http://www.thestalki...co.uk/forum.php Join this forum buddy............. http://www.thestalki...co.uk/forum.php It is a good site .....and you don't need to like the guy that runs it, whoever he is
  13. dave1372

    Cz 452 custom stock

    I got this one for my CZ452 from Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks:
  14. ....aim a couple of inches high of the centre and even if it drops 4 inches you will still be on target I would guess, it is not that loopy a calibre.
  15. dave1372


    .....get Robert Bucknells book 'Foxing with Lamp & Rifle' or something like that!