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  1. Looking for a wooden triple terrier box has to be a certain size to fit in the boot of my new car no more than 3foot wide
  2. Looking for someone that does terrier racing displays in scotland i was asked if i knew of anyone because i race my terriers , its for a show up scotland somewhere any help would be greatly appreciated Atb lassie
  3. I am on them e ciggies (7 months) i have gone down from spending 8 quid a day to 8 quid a week, i now wonder how i could afford to smoke and thats with having a job, i am knocking down the amount of nicotine slowly them hopefully get rid . i had a draw of a fag on sat night i near enough puked
  4. My other half is a self employed shepherd available for an early lambing jan to feb
  5. Saw him in aberdeen in 1994 he was amazing i did think about treating my self to tickets for ireland gig booking flights etc, fooking glad i never now
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxWFJZIdc3E bopping on the heed
  7. A group of us try to go out once a month we always end up in the same pub for last 2 hours of the night take up the whole back room great banter. Roll on the 6th of june when its common riding and it is in the pub for 6.30am for a breakfast cider
  8. got one here the same kept it to might not be worth much now maybe in 50 yrs
  9. 3 Terriers 5 collies , 5 collie pups keeping one , how ever many chickens aint counted them in a while. 1 stinky ald cat. some sheep 1 of which is in the freezer
  10. 1 M aint enough i only put the lotto on when its been a rollover or the euro millions is above 50M , other half would want his own farm , i know what house i would buy already its only 700,000k . Build some cracking kennels , build a muckle indoor pool, Put a bar in and have loads of partys
  11. If you have a wood burning stove i recommend one of these put the room temp up by 5oC fire dont need to be roaring best money i have spent this winter http://www.caframo.com/hearth/
  12. got 700lt in november aboot the £450 mark wont need another fill till next nov log burner does the job just get changed quick as fk in the bedroom at bed time before ye freeze lol
  13. wont bother checking i know its slow as fk ok i went and checked
  14. Tart!! you know me to well i'm just jealous of the attention i only ripped my breeks right up my arse on purpose that night i got in yer landy, it was not an accident
  15. aye i would not kick ye oot o bed for farting born hunter
  16. the other half built this for a customer first one he has built
  17. it wont but it will render your own dog defencless when some fcuktards dog runs up without a muzzle and sets about it I am lucky i live in the middle of no where and all the folks that are close all our dogs get on except my ald terrier who is a grumpy fker so she is always on a lead till i know there is no other dogs gan aboot anything same size she trys to kill, any dogs bigger than her she plays with.
  18. dog attacks on children mostly happen in a household do they not so how will muzzling a dog in public places stop attacks on kids
  19. We done oor own a few years back best pork ever
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  22. Just ugraded from a fiesta van to a transit connect my hubby is a self employed shepherd and always has a couple of collies in the back . just been putting panels over where there was gaps for getting to wiring for the rear lights just in case any dog wanted a chew its got a wood floor but think getting a hold of a bit cheap lino so its easier to wash out and a removable cage for the terriers.
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