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  1. They’ll be 5 in February mate - time flies huh?!
  2. Litter brother to Sesku’s bitch...3/8ths greyhound 5/8ths collie...
  3. Just out of interest, do you ever hunt male mink? Are males more difficult to handle, ie, aggressive, and keep?
  4. Ran a big strong bitch in the early 1980s - killed lots of foxes with her. But she would run anything that moved and in the middle of sheep country it was always going to go tits up. Couldn't fault her fire and determination but she had no wind and was easily injured. Good fun though!
  5. Iolo...not too shoddy...but I am gonna say that...
  6. Very impressive...even more so in the flesh! Good luck pal...
  7. It's a good job he only has to please me huh...and he's certainly done that...
  8. Hardly a threat...just stating the facts of the possible consequences...TC's a good guy!
  9. Iolo full brother to Sesku and Pukerk's bitches...27"tts 5/8 collie 3/8 greyhound
  10. He a fair lump ray, racier than what I thought he would be, should give BS a wee phone for a catch up, Had a good chat with Ray tonight - he's coming to visit soon....
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