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  1. I did a Wasp nest for a lady in Leicester last week she was 104 she looked better than me!! im 44 . I took payment.
  2. There is a chap on fb called Norfolk trapper, he will help you.
  3. https://www.abdn.ac.uk/news/7769/ A lady I was doing a Mole job for brought this up in conversation today,hope they don't spread. Although the web page is from 2015, anyone else heard of these
  4. Thinking on doing a bit more rabbit control, where is the best place to buy the drop boxes. Thanks.
  5. Nice one, where did you get your traps from ?
  6. Looking at getting a new sprayer for insecticide, interested in your thoughts and best place to buy from. Thanks. 5 ltr.
  7. Always remember when I was a kid watching the Thrush bashing Snails on large stones in the garden then finding piles of Snail shells all over the place, never see that anymore, which is a shame.
  8. I think you can rig your own fuel isolator and hide it in the cab, so if they drive off they only get couple of hundred yard or so. But don't ask me how to do it.
  9. Thanks for the link, would like to hear peoples views on tubes or cage.
  10. Thinking of buying some cage traps for Rabbits as ive got a tricky area to clear, looking for advice on where to buy them from and peoples thoughts , thanks.
  11. That's a shame at least they will Bare you in mind for next time .
  12. I would 'Tackle' this one with only gloves and organic Marshmellows
  13. I have caught Moles a couple of mins after setting the trap in the past, but this chap was pretty much straight away I had not finished back filling as it went off. But the pleasing thing of all was how fast the mole died, i would say death was fairly instant as soon as the trap fired I pulled the trap and it was just twitching nerves coming from the mole, as he was caught just behind the front paws the usual but not always strike from the Talpex . If only all the Moles was this obliging .
  14. You have to set the Marshy really fine and always use gloves, and never place your Marshy facing east the moles just don't like it.
  15. Sounds like the Ferret found its self a good owner!, welcome to the world of stinkers mate.
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