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  1. 56 quid for a book! Jesus. He can keep the f****r.
  2. What a f***ing jobs worth It's not rocket science and if you don't ask you don't get, end of topic lol
  3. BUMP Don't know how these haven't sold My gran was interested but price a bit steep for her.
  4. Breed like fook Real problem in some parts of Europe. Good sport for pups.
  5. 'Will run through walls to get his game' Will he aye?? I'l take 3
  6. Soft southerners eh Buy the c**t a bottle of whiskey that will keep him cheerie Good luck anyway Dare.
  7. ^^You can pretend to be anyone you want on here ^^
  8. Usually only one I go to, not for anything in particular. More just to catch up with ppl. Hopefully good weather for it.
  9. Grow a pair of balls and get a real dog ffs No matter how trained you get it you will get grief every time you take it out. What a state to get in
  10. Jeremy Kyle 'My dad wouldn't buy my sister a kebab'
  11. Heard Clippo done that to Paulus, that's why he's no longer with us
  12. Aye be an embarrassing trip to A&E with your wee baldy half incher caught in a tick twister
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