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  1. Cant put up the link because iam hopeless at these computers, listening to Marillion , misplaced childhood, the dogs nuts. Maybe some kind person will put it up, cheers.
  2. Hard walking in the gorse jig, dogs did well,, some drag that .
  3. Lets get this right if i take out a digging terrier tomorrow enter him into an earth with more than one eye to it and the fox bolts ,then that makes my terrier a failed digging dog, Eh. And he enters a one eye earth and he is dug to he is the dogs bollocks. lol.
  4. I have an area in my garden sown in meadow plants and they are still flowering and growing, folk still cutting grass , seasons are all combined.
  5. Very good martin, hope he does well for you.
  6. he filled out well martin, is there saluki in him, what way is he bred.
  7. Me neither,, it means cant be bothered, given up.
  8. How is her sight ? strange one this, i have kept lurchers for a long time, baffles me.
  9. You have used common sense martin and it will serve you well. good looking pup that, as above with easy runs, get as close as you can for the pup to give him every chance, atb.
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